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Resources & Support

LGBTQ students at Elmhurst find a robust network of support from individuals, organizations and offices across the campus. Here's an overview.

All-Gender Restrooms
As part of Elmhurst’s commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, the College has designated 10 restrooms on campus as all-gender restrooms.

QSA (Queer Student Association)
A student-run organization, EQUAL celebrates the diversity of sexual identities on campus and provides a support network for Elmhurst’s LGBTQ community. Throughout the academic year, QSA sponsors awareness events such as the Big Queer Gathering, National Coming Out Day and Pride Week. For more information, contact Colleen Munro-Leighton, QSA's faculty advisor, or Roger Moreano, director of Intercultural Student Affairs.

SAFE (Staff, Administrators and Faculty for Equality)
SAFE fosters awareness of LGBTQ issues on campus through in-depth conversations about inclusion with administrators, staff and faculty. Together, the members of SAFE form a strong, confidential support network for the LGBTQ community.

Campus Offices
The Office of Intercultural Affairs fosters a supportive and inclusive campus environment through special events and other activities. The Wellness Center provides counseling and other services related to LGBTQQIA issues. And the College Chaplaincy offers support and counseling for students in times of transition.

For more information about support and resources for LGBTQ students at Elmhurst College, please contact us.

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