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Technology at Elmhurst

To keep up with the demands of students, facultyand staff, the Office of Information Services is continually looking for ways to improve technology on the campus.

Your Technology Account
Your Elmhurst technology account is the key to accessing technology resources on campus.  You will receive a username and a temporary password with an instruction sheet for setting up your account on the College’s systems. This account provides you access to e-mail, the College intranet, the A.C. Buehler Library, Blackboard, Moodle and BlueNet.

Labs on Campus
Rooms 108 and 110 in Daniels Hall are open access labs that are available to all College students, faculty, and staff. They contain 42 PCs, two Macs, two scanners and two laser printers. All other lab rooms are reserved for classes and related work.

Even though all computers have hard disks, any files saved on them are removed whenever the computer is restarted. You should use a USB Flash Drive for saving your work.

Academic technology support specialists and student technical workers are available to assist you while the lab is open.

Except for major holidays, the labs are open all year. However, hours of operation may be reduced during the summer and on certain holiday weekends. Special notices will be posted in the lab office and on the lab doors in such cases.

Network Connections and Wireless Access
Elmhurst is one of the few schools in the nation to offer campus-wide access to its wireless network. This service is free to students, faculty, and staff. The residence halls provide wireless Internet service, but connecting to the data port in your room is faster and safer. The wireless connection will be affected by the number of users at any given time as well as the location of your computer from the wireless access point.

Cable and internet service is provided in all residence halls, Prospect Apartments and Elm Park apartments. Resident students in College Houses are stand-alone facilities and may identify an internet and cable service provider of their choice. Residents in these communities are responsible for installation and billing arrangements with the service provider.

The College has equipped each bedroom with one phone per room for outgoing calls on campus and any incoming calls, and 9-911 dialing; one cable television port, and one data port for each student.


The College has equipped all the bedrooms in the residence halls with one phone per room for outgoing calls on campus, any incoming calls, and 9-911 dialing; one cable television port and one data port for each student.  The cost is included in the room fee.

Residents in apartments and houses are responsible for providing their own telephone service.

If you prefer using your personal cell phone, the major service providers in this area are: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.

The College has partnered with Google to provide students with e-mail access. Google Apps is an education suite, powered by Google, which provides web-based applications that include Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Chat and other applications.

Elmhurst is in the process of implementing a state-of-the-art print management system. It is designed to allow greater control over work printed. Last year, millions of copies were made and printed by College students, faculty and staff. Research shows that approximately 50 percent of prints and copies made are discarded due to overprinting of work that has not been checked or unused web site and research information. More than 100 trees can be saved in a single year by more carefully selecting the pages to print or copy. In turn, less wasted toner results in a cleaner environment.

Print for Release Station: This is where students go after they have sent their job to be printed.  The student provides his or her login ID or workstation name for public computers. The computer displays all print jobs and the student must verify it and select the job that should be printed. There is currently no charge for this service.

Online Technology Resources
The award winning A. C. Buehler Library provides access to research resources including: electronic databases, journals, and magazines. It provides technology information on Blackboard, Moodle, and BlueNet. Help with information literacy, the knowledge of commonly used research techniques, is available.

For specific technology help and support, please visit the help desk or contact us for immediate service.

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