» How do I qualify for assistance?

How do I qualify for assistance?

Disability Services

You must provide documentation to the Disability Services Coordinator in the Learning Center (Room 229 in the Frick Center). 

Follow these steps:

  • Review the Documentation of Disabilities packet. You can request this from Disability Services by calling (630) 617-3753, or pick up the packet directly from the Learning Center
  • Complete the appropriate testing with a qualified professional. Disability documentation must verify the nature and extent of the disability in accordance with current professional standards. It must also be current and substantiate the need for all of the student’s requested accommodations. PLEASE NOTE: IEPs alone are not considered acceptable documentation.
  • Submit your documentation to the Disability Services Coordinator. This documentation will be reviewed to determine eligibility under the ADA. Upon completion of the review, you will be notified by the Disability Services Coordinator to schedule a one-on-one interview appointment.
  • Appointments can be made by calling (630) 617-3753 or by selecting an appointment time on the weekly schedule in the Learning Center.
  • If you are eligible, you will also need to complete the Request for Accommodations form. This form is completed via an interactive process with Disability Services. Your class schedule/syllabi will be needed for this step.
    IMPORTANT: This form must be completed each term and filed with the Disability Services Coordinator before accommodations will be provided.
  • Letters are sent to each professor notifying him or her of your accommodations. You, however, are responsible for activating the accommodations. What this means is that you must discuss your personal accommodations with each professor and alert him or her that you plan to use them in that specific class.
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