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Elmhurst College Integrated Curriculum

A Broad Foundation

All Elmhurst undergraduates who entered the College in Fall 2011 or later complete requirements in the Elmhurst College Integrated Curriculum, a series of general education courses that provide a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. (If you entered the College before Fall 2011, see General Education Program (pdf).)

The Integrated Curriculum is woven throughout your studies at Elmhurst. Some courses will overlap with your major, while others will take you in new directions. The Curriculum consists of requirements in several areas.

Areas of Knowledge
You’ll take at least one course from each of the following categories:

  • Inquiry into Ethics and Justice
  • Religious Studies in Context
  • Literature
  • Fine Arts
  • Historical Analysis
  • Social and Political Analysis
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science

Each Area of Knowledge includes approved courses from a variety of departments. For more details on both the categories and approved courses, see Approved Area of Knowledge Courses (pdf).

Skills and Value Development (Tags)
You’ll also complete courses that develop your skills and values in the following areas:

  • Writing (300/400 level)
  • Oral Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Information Literacy
  • Intercultural Global Engagement
  • Intercultural Domestic Engagement
  • Engaging Social Responsibility (300/400 level)

You may able to meet some of these requirements through courses you’re already taking. For more details, see Approved Tagged Courses (pdf).

Developmental Requirements

  • The First-Year Seminar (waived for transfer students)
  • A first-year writing course (ENG 106)
  • Two Areas of Knowledge taken at the 300/400 level at a 4-year institution
  • A senior capstone experience - met in your major
  • An Experiential Learning requirement (pdf) (waived for adult students)

All students must demonstrate proficiency in the following subject areas:

Courses in these areas are offered every term. You also may be able to fulfill these requirements through placement tests, AP Credit (pdf), ACT/SAT scores or previous high school work.

If you are a prospective transfer student, the Transfer Credit Evaluation you received from the admissions office will identify requirements in the Integrated Curriculum which you've met in transfer course work, and requirements that are still outstanding. Contact the School for Professional Studies if you have any questions about your Transfer Credit Evaluation.

If you are a continuing Elmhurst College student, your Degree Audit will help you keep track of your Integrated Curriculum requirements. Contact your faculty advisor if you have any questions about your Degree Audit.

Some students find the Advising Worksheet (pdf) helpful as well.

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