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Multicultural Studies

U.S. Focus Option

A focus in Multicultural Studies will help you to develop an increased understanding of the history, characteristics, roles, contributions, status, and needs of a variety of co-cultural groups within the U.S. and/or internationally.

As part of the requirements for a minor in Intercultural Studies, the focus in Multicultural Studies requires one or two courses relating to the focus.

U.S. Focus
With assistance from an ICS advisor, students interested in a U.S.-based Multicultural Studies focus select two courses focusing on different U.S. cultural groups. See description for African-American Studies, Women’s Studies, GLBT Studies, Gerontology, Disability Studies or Inter-Religious Studies for course options. Other departmental and January courses may be used as relevant.

International Focus
With assistance from an ICS advisor, students interested in an international Multicultural Studies focus will choose two courses from the following:

  • COM 329 World Theatre and Drama in Cultural Contexts
  • ENG 372 Multicultural/Postcolonial Literature (note prerequisite)
  • WL 209 World Literature in English
  • WL 320 Non-Western Culture via Literature and Film
  • MUS 310 Varieties of World Music
  • POL 302 Politics of Developing Nations
  • POL 306 Politics of International Relations
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