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Major in Chemistry

The major in chemistry is the most flexible track and is appropriate for students planning to go directly into industry or secondary school teaching, those who would like flexibility in scheduling to accommodate other majors and/or minors, or students wishing to have a broad choice of chemistry upper-level electives. Beginning with the fundamentals and progressing to advanced studies of both theoretical and applied chemistry, you'll be able to tailor a curriculum that suits your personal goals. In addition to a solid chemistry education, you'll learn sound research methods and technical writing skills, which are essential in the academic and business worlds.

The major in chemistry is also an excellent foundation for careers in environmental studies, law, business (chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum related companies), technical writing and editing, and scientific information retrieval.

Requirements for the Major in Chemistry
Core Curriculum
CHM 220 Advanced Chemical Principles or CHM 211, 212 (or equivalent) Chemical Principles I and II
CHM 221 Analytical Chemistry
CHM 311, 312 Organic Chemistry I and II
CHM 412 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
CHM 413 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Statistical Mechanics
CHM 494 Independent Research (.50 credit)
CHM 496, 499 Chemistry Research Seminar I and II (.25 credit each)
CHM 497, 498 Chemistry Literature Seminar I and II (.25 credit each)
MTH 151, 152 Calculus I and II
PHY 121, 122 General Physics I and II

Recommended Courses
Depending on your career goals, faculty will assist you in selecting classes to enhance your education.
Common suggestions include: Math classes beyond MTH 152, CS 220 and BIO 200.

Chemistry courses with a minimum grade of C and taken within the last 10 years may be transferred into the department.

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