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Summer Term 2015 Offerings

MTH 110-40 Introduction to Concepts in Mathematics and Computing
This course provides an overview of common mathematical concepts and the use of the computer in applying these in practical problem solving. The basic operation of the computer is studied, as are computer logic and programming, and methods of computation that employ software tools such as spreadsheets. Other mathematical topics include estimation, statistics, algebra and geometry. Students seeking to fulfill the mathematics component of secondary-school certification requirements are encouraged to take this course.

June 8–August 1, 2015
Lecture: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
9:00–10:50 a.m., Daniels Hall 213

MTH 162-40 Analysis for the Business and Social Sciences
Applications of mathematics to the social sciences and business with a functions approach, applications of elementary functions, differential and integral calculus of the elementary functions, and applications of calculus. The course also contains topics selected from linear programming, mathematics of finance and mathematical modeling. Some sections require use of a graphing calculator. Students should have an algebra background at least equivalent to MTH 111 with a grade of C or better. A placement test is required.

June 8–August 1, 2015
Lecture: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8:00–9:50 a.m., Daniels Hall 113

MTH 345-46 Elementary Statistics
Statistical methods applied to economic and social data. Descriptive statistics, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, correlation and regression. Students wishing to review basic math skills in advance of this course may do so through the Learning Center. May not be taken for credit if credit has already been given for PSY 355, MTH 346 or an equivalent course at another college. Does not count toward a major or minor in mathematics.

June 8–August 1, 2015
Lecture: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
5:00–6:50 p.m., Daniels Hall 212

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