Watch: Studying Science at Elmhurst

  • How Science Works

    Dr. Frank Mittermeyer talks about Elmhurst’s commitment to getting students engaged in the sciences.

  • Lifelong Relationships

    Elmhurst’s small size gives faculty the opportunity to mentor their students, says Dr. Helga Noice.

  • Working Hand in Hand

    The collaborative aspect of scientific research at Elmhurst sets the College apart, says Dr. Eugene Losey.

  • A Mark of the Institution

    Elmhurst has a strong and growing undergraduate research program in the sciences, says President S. Alan Ray.

  • The Liberal Arts Tradition

    Elmhurst educates well-rounded scientists who are prepared to tackle complex issues, says Dr. Merrilee Guenther.

  • On the Front Lines

    Chris Hulstein talks about working with an Elmhurst faculty member on the front lines of breast cancer research.

  • A Global Perspective

    Lauren Williams talks about studying health care systems in Europe and doing field research in Australia.

  • A Focus on the Individual

    For Amy Du, the Elmhurst Experience means opportunities, resources and teachers who recognize each student’s potential.

  • Real-World Impact

    Dan Klepsch talks about doing research on the metastasis of cancer cells with an Elmhurst professor.

  • Giving Students an Edge

    Student researchers at Elmhurst are advancing the frontiers of knowledge, says Dean Alzada Tipton.

  • Small College, Big Science

    Dr. Vankatesh Gopal says doing research at Elmhurst offers special rewards for students.

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