Arts & Media

Elmhurst College offers an open invitation to be creative. Unlike at larger schools, art, music and theatre classes at Elmhurst are open to all students, no matter what their major. And the Elmhurst Experience gives you plenty of opportunities to flex your creative muscles by exhibiting your artwork, developing your on-air personality, going on stage or recording your band’s first album.

Our jazz program is among the best in the U.S. The Jazz Band has taken its act to France, England, Germany, Italy, Grece, Belgium, the Bahamas, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and elsewhere. Its director, Doug Beach, is the winner of a Grammy Award and the brains behind our legendary annual Jazz Festival.

Elmhurst’s campus is home to an extraordinary collection of works by Chicago Imagist and Abstractionist artists. Housed in the College library, the collection has been called “the best single overview of art from 1966 to 1985 in any public institution.”

If necessity is the mother of invention, then our Mill Theatre is a shining example of what creative minds can achieve. Taking its name from its history as a converted sawmill, the theatre hosts musicals, dramas, comedies and countless other performances. It may be a long way from Broadway, but it’s a fun place to put on a show.

Our art courses aren’t just for art majors. Art can be an exploration of the mind and a journey for the soul. From drawing to printmaking to photography to sculpture to graphic design, you’ll find no shortage of artistic adventures awaiting you at Elmhurst.

Our student newspaper is among the liveliest around, with a reputation for facing controversy and ruffling feathers. Each year, the staff of The Leader comes home from the convention of the Illinois College Press Association bearing multiple first-place awards.

You can try your hand at radio, fiction, graphic design—or all three. Our radio station, WRSE-FM, has been on the air since 1947 and gave WXRT’s Terri Hemmert her start. MiddleWestern Voice is a student showcase of the literary and visual arts. Our yearbook, The Elms, is an impressive creative outlet for student writers, photographers and designers.

We want to learn more from you! If the Elmhurst Experience is the type of college experience you want to have, you can apply today with our online application. If you would like to schedule a visit to our beautiful campus, take a look at our options for private visits, group tours and open houses. If a bit more information is what you need, visit the main Elmhurst College website where you'll find more information about the campus, our academic programs and everything else the Elmhurst Experience is about.