Elmhurst Voices: Students

  • Experience Pays Off

    As an early childhood education major at Elmhurst, Samantha Rude has had the opportunity to test the waters and gain real-life experience.

  • Real-World Experience

    Special education major Natella Magarycheva talks about how Elmhurst is preparing her to step into the classroom as a teacher.

  • The Perks of a Practicum

    Katie Sullivan talks about the real-world experience she’s getting as a special education major at Elmhurst.

  • Keeping Your Options Open

    After taking a class about exploring careers and shadowing a teacher, Isabella Ibarra knew she’d found her new major.

  • A Welcoming Department

    As the first member of his family to attend a four-year college, Salvador Gonzalez felt welcomed and supported in the biology department.

  • A Passion for Music

    As a music education and German major, Mikkal Holt has found opportunities to network and connect.

  • Pay It Forward

    Transfer student Katrinka Smith is now a Transfer Lead who helps other transfer students find their way.

  • Everything You’re Looking For

    Jordin Clark chose Elmhurst for its location, the women’s soccer program and the tight-knit campus community.

  • Building Relationships

    Drawn to the welcoming campus environment, Byron Niles is building friendships that will last a lifetime.

  • Using Your Time Wisely

    Scheduling time for service work allows David Brambert to gain valuable experiences outside of his major.

  • Part Of A Family

    Being a part of the track and cross county teams has given Elyse Christofanelli family-like support.

  • The Fruits Of Their Labor

    Peggy Clemens and her volleyball teammates love their shared experiences—especially the winning.

  • Teammates In The Classroom

    Cross country runner Kelsey Blount was welcomed on a team where academics is always leading the way.

  • Professors Who Care

    Within the close-knit nursing program, Mariaelena Delgado feels unlimited in her access to her professors.

  • A Global Campus

    As an international student, Pratima Wagh provides and benefits from the varied global perspectives on campus.

  • Influential Experiences

    Through the First Leap program, Joseph LaCavera got hands-on experience working for a non-profit.

  • A Seamless Transfer

    As a transfer student (who now helps other transfers), Lauren Lucas is finally in control of her education.

  • Small And Focused

    Initially considering a big school, Taylor Collins found a home on campus and sees graduate school just ahead.

  • A Campus of Supporters

    Communications studies major Jose Zamora is grateful for the support available within Elmhurst's community.

  • Preparation Starts On Day One

    Through the First Leap program, Zachary Schneider got a leg up on internships, research and PT school.

  • When Homework Pays Off

    Jaclyn Pearson was destined to be a teacher. Elmhurst is here to guide her along the best pathway forward.

  • A Welcoming Place

    Jihyun Lee chose Elmhurst for the small class sizes, the campus vibe and, of course, the access to Chicago.

  • A Campus of Leaders

    Erik Maranto is taking advantage of the College's leadership opportunities to grow as a person and discover himself.

  • Real-World Experience

    With four years of performance experience, Ella Bracero is prepared for the challenges of professional life.

  • Making Connections Abroad

    At the Study-Away Fair, education major Anthony Zary found an internship teaching English in Spain.

  • Taking a Big Step

    Arriving from Brooklyn, NY, Anthony Nuñez found the space to grow and gain real-world experience.

  • Learning to Lead

    At Elmhurst, Ted Harris has found opportunities to get involved and develop leadership skills.

  • Endless Opportunities

    As photo editor of Elmhurst's student newspaper, Jessie Moyemont says she's had some great experiences.

  • Hands-on Experience

    For Maureen Roderick, it's reassuring to see successful Elmhurst graduates working in her field.

  • It's an Adventure

    For Demetrios Vrettos, playing sports at Elmhurst has been a hands-on learning experience.

  • Diverse Ideas

    Amanda Nagy says getting involved on campus has helped her pursue her passion for social justice.

  • A Time to Explore

    At Elmhurst, Colleen Bannon came out of her shell and developed an appreciation of different cultures.

  • First Place

    Working on an award-winning student newspaper was a highlight of Megan Kirby's Elmhurst Experience.

  • It's Priceless

    At Elmhurst, Tyler Lomnicki found the opportunity to play a sport that he loves while getting a great education.

  • It's Personal

    Pre-law student Kira Rold says her Elmhurst Experience challenged her to assess her values and reconsider her beliefs.

  • A Sense of Accomplishment

    Lauren Lipira talks about starting a cheerleading squad at Elmhurst and getting recognition for the squad's achievements.

  • Elmhurst Stands Out

    Agnes Plawsiuk says her Elmhurst Experience helped her gain acceptance to a prestigious Ph.D. program.

  • A Universal Language

    Miko Martinez appreciates studying with faculty members who are also professional musicians.

  • A Stellar Faculty

    Elmhurst faculty members balance educational theory with real-world experience, says Glen Gomez.

  • Find Yourself

    At Elmhurst, Nikol Bakka has taken on new tasks, gotten involved on campus, and discovered what she can do.

  • Preparing for Real Life

    Luis Lara says his Elmhurst Experience has helped him clarify his career goals, prepared him for real life and turned him into a man.

  • The Value of a Small College

    Elmhurst is a place where students can get involved, take charge, plan events and explore, says Emily Becker-Bruzzini.

  • Life-Changing Experiences

    Alyse Dawid talks about doing an educational experience in Jamaica, studying abroad and teaching art.

  • Experience in Leadership

    For aspiring teacher Rebecca Blaufuss, the level of engagement she found at Elmhurst College was a welcome surprise.

  • Professors Who Guide and Lead

    Michael Meadows talks about the Elmhurst teachers and mentors who are guiding and supporting him as he prepares for a career in teaching.

  • Experiences in South Africa

    After a life-changing teaching experience in South Africa, Jenna Stutz has the confidence to face any challenge thrown her way.

  • Learning from the Best

    Brittany Lewis, an elementary education major, says her Elmhurst professors are some of the smartest people she’s ever met.

  • Academic Motivation

    Nicole Grynevich chose Elmhurst for its location and its rigorous biology courses—which rival graduate-level courses at other institutions.

  • A Transformative Experience

    After her first experience teaching music to a room full of kids, Andrea Figueroa fell in love with teaching.

  • Finding The Right Balance

    John Reglin isn’t afraid of a challenge, which is good because balancing soccer life and student life isn’t easy.

  • Early Research Opportunities

    Honors student Grace Bellino got a head start at Elmhurst with a First-Year Seminar summer research grant.

  • Finding Support Along The Way

    Multi-sport athlete Jonathan Johnson appreciates his professors and coaches for supporting his goals.

  • Athletics As A Stepping Stone

    While excelling on the field and in the classroom, Christian Mullin has never lost focus on his professional future.

  • Student First, Athlete Second

    Eager to play, but not wanting to be consumed by athletics, Hannah Lipman found her perfect balance.

  • Welcome To Elmhurst

    During a tour of Elmhurst, Georgia Peterson identified with the warmth and friendliness of the campus.

  • Beyond The Classroom

    Zenya Yap’s primary focus is nursing, but as an honors student she is able to delve a bit deeper into her research.

  • Liberal Arts Means Something

    Excited about the nursing program, Ralph Benedict Dela Cruz also finds incredible value in the liberal arts system.

  • No Singular Definition

    Student-athletes know teamwork, but Kayla Hansen—involved in five other campus groups—is learning to lead.

  • Growing Stronger Each Year

    Building on Elmhurst’s sense of social responsibility, Fernando Gomez is making a difference with Relay for Life.

  • Professors Who Take The Time

    Looking for a school where you know your professors and they know you, Katie Evensen found exactly that.

  • Service Oriented Students

    Eager to become involved in service work, Christina DiCristofano is now a leader with Habitat for Humanity.

  • Ready To Go

    With Elmhurst’s focus on professional preparation, Keli Kliebhan is confident and ready for the workplace.

  • Help When You Need It

    Having access to an active community of education alumni is something Michael Meadows knows is unique.

  • From Start To Finish

    Along with a “home away from home,” the education program was exactly what Stella Abbinante was looking for.

  • Balancing Multiple Priorities

    Early on, Ricky Stanton learned he could be an athlete without limiting his other Elmhurst experiences.

  • Help Along the Way

    With the support of the Center for Professional Excellence, Wes Wagner says he's ready to be his own boss.

  • The Sound of Opportunity

    Drawn to Elmhurst's music business program, Scott Stolarz found a wealth of opportunities to pursue music on campus.

  • Among Friends

    Austin McGrath is discovering new passions and loves being part of a community of critical thinkers.

  • Whenever You're Ready

    Once Anders Winquist-Bailey found biology, the opportunities for research came faster than he expected.

  • A Real Community

    Andrew Cenci found a community that cares about his experience and supports his spiritual growth.

  • A College that Cares

    After a car accident, Robby Allanson experienced an outpouring of support from the Elmhurst community.

  • The Small-School Advantage

    Jessica Sullivan says Elmhurst recognized her skills and gave her a chance to grow her talents.

  • The Chance to Lead

    A leadership opportunity on Elmhurst's dance team has helped Andrea Romano become the person she is today.

  • Strong Support

    Elmhurst has helped Alyssa Hewes clarify her values and beliefs and decide who she wants to be.

  • A Broader View

    Nathan Rold says Elmhurst gave him a chance to get involved and a broader view of the world.

  • Get Involved

    For Amber Bergmann, the Elmhurst Experience means a world of opportunities.

  • Outside the Box

    Taking classes in an unfamiliar discipline opens your eyes and changes your perspective, says Juliet Feifar.

  • Charting a Path

    At Elmhurst, Aleya Schwartz has been able to explore her faith and define her own spiritual path.

  • Getting Involved

    Vanessa Pacheco says participating in student organizations has opened the door to meeting new people.

  • The Next Phase of Life

    On the verge of graduation, Jennifer Rodriguez feels reassured that she has a wide range of skills and options.

  • A Balancing Act

    Katlyn Bednarski says participating in Bluejay athletics has helped her stay focused and given her another family.

  • Team Spirit

    When Bethany Holden joined the bowling team, she found a diverse set of friends she could count on.

  • Life Is Good

    For small-town native David Devaney, Elmhurst's proximity to Chicago means there's always something to do.

  • A Variety of Opinions

    Amber Gretz says the experiences she's had at Elmhurst have helped her learn to deal with a diverse array of people.

  • Leave No Stone Unturned

    At Elmhurst, Ellie Pipal says she's taking advantage of every opportunity to explore new things.

  • Visionary Faculty

    Aleks Galus says her art professors helped her develop the skills to pursue her own artistic vision.

  • Experience in the Field

    The son of a school principal and a student-athlete, Peyton Wyatt was ready for the rigors of Elmhurst’s education program.

  • A Confident Role Model

    As an early childhood education major, Kelly Winters is learning to be a role model through student teaching and as a resident adviser on campus.

  • A Cohort of Colleagues

    A Golden Apple Scholar, Ixtel Viramontes enjoys working with a small cohort of Elmhurst students who support each other from start to finish.

  • A Strong Liberal Arts Foundation

    Future teacher Andrew Weber says he appreciates the range of experiences and the College’s commitment to the liberal arts.

  • An Intro to Research

    Elmhurst’s Keystone Program gave Brooke Matz the opportunity to get involved in research as a first-year student.

  • The Flexibility to Explore

    Music education major Evon Sams appreciates the flexibility he has to explore different areas of interest.

  • Choose Your Own Experience

    An international transfer student, Sigrid Andrae choose a “real experience” over the atypical American college.

  • Finding Your Direction

    After being inspired by the excitement of a professor, Shannon Pimmel decided to head in a new direction.

  • Spend Your Time On The Field

    A softball player from an early age, Isabella Masini chose Elmhurst for the opportunity to play all four years.

  • Athletics Supporting Academics

    The Division III environment at Elmhurst allows wrestler Tyler Espino to compete equally on and off the mat.

  • You'll Be Asked To Explore

    While pursuing her passion for the theatre, Michelle McCarthy is also traveling abroad to hone her Spanish.

  • Pursue All Your Interests

    The encouragement to pursue interests both personal and academic is positively effecting Rebecca Lapp.

  • Earning Your Way

    International transfer Paul Gerald Zurbano chose Elmhurst because of the scholarship offers he earned.

  • Support Before You Begin

    Taking advantage of Direct Connect and the First-Year Seminar, Jasmine Bills hit the ground running.

  • Opportunities to Effect Change

    Chrissy Croft found in Elmhurst a community where her faith could be a part of her work in social activism.

  • Endless Ways To Be Involved

    Finding her footing with the Black Student Union, Endya Clark is active with SGA, athletics and study abroad.

  • Explore All Of Your Interests

    Unsure of which professional path to take, Erika Ehmann used internships to make an informed choice.

  • Managing an Elmhurst Life

    Frequently abroad and serving in multiple leadership roles, Stephanie Young is winning at time management.

  • Finding Your Best Self

    Stepping up to leadership roles and tutoring fellow students has helped Simi Mathews find her best self.

  • Treated As Colleagues

    Molly Ryan loves the environment of professionalism set by her professors, and knows it will serve her well.

  • The Value of an Internship

    Ricky Dingraudo wasn't sure what his major would be. Then he found an internship that helped make up his mind.

  • Big City Access, Small Town Life

    International student Marius Spurfeld has found the perfect place to learn about Chicago’s economic engine.

  • The Power of Peers

    Published composer Stephan Carlson says he's humbled and inspired by the musical talents of those around him.

  • Talent Abound

    A contestant on The Voice, Anthony Paul has immersed himself in a concentrated pool of musical talent at Elmhurst.

  • So Many Opportunities

    Even with her commitment to the College orchestra, Angil Tate took advantage of J-Term to tour Europe.

  • A Starring Role

    Alysha McElroy-Hodges fell in love with Elmhurst on the first day and has found a home within the music ensembles.

  • A Friendly Environment

    For Tony Chan, joining the fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi opened the gate to other organizations.

  • The Real Deal

    English major Sean Proctor says the challenges he’s found at Elmhurst have changed and improved him.

  • Global Thinking

    Elmhurst prepares students to think globally and step outside their boundaries, says Allie Baumbach.

  • All Four Years

    Playing college football is very tough, but it's also very rewarding, says Matt D'Angelo.

  • Helping Others

    A student-teaching experience reassured Erin Hopkins that she can succeed in teaching and make a difference.

  • Making a Difference

    Allison Korbel talks about her trip to New Orleans with the College's chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

  • A Passion for Advocacy

    Elmhurst has helped Rae Nelson prepare for a career of speaking out for those whose voices cannot be heard.

  • My Elmhurst Family

    Ashley Dingle says the people she's met at Elmhurst have helped her gain confidence in her abilities.

  • Serving the Community

    For Romison Saint-Louis, working with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans has been life changing.

  • Valuable Feedback

    Elmhurst professors prepare their students to be as successful as possible, says Emily Hilliker.

  • A Great Feeling

    For Jillian Jackson, performing with Elmhurst's dance team is a confidence builder and an opportunity to connect.

  • Joining the Team

    At Elmhurst, Jake Oster was able to join the wrestling team as a freshman and compete right away.

  • An Amazing Experience

    Biology major Amy Du talks about the resources and opportunities she’s found at Elmhurst.

  • A Club for Everyone

    Ben Schuetzenhofer talks about his involvement in a music fraternity, a residence hall council and the Elmhurst College Cigar Aficionados.

  • An Inspirational Place

    Kate Grube says she's changed a lot since arriving at Elmhurst, and she's found plenty of support along the way.

  • A Cultural Center

    As a music business major, Ashton DeVries appreciates being a train ride away from world-class opera and symphony performances in Chicago.

  • Opening Up

    For Amina Quadri, Elmhurst's Niebuhr Center offers the opportunity to interact with people of different backgrounds and religions.

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