Watch: The Athlete Experience at Elmhurst

  • Student First, Athlete Second

    Eager to play, but not wanting to be consumed by athletics, Hannah Lipman found her perfect balance.

  • Teammates In The Classroom

    Cross country runner Kelsey Blount was welcomed on a team where academics is always leading the way.

  • Finding The Right Balance

    John Reglin isn’t afraid of a challenge, which is good because balancing soccer life and student life isn’t easy.

  • Help Along the Way

    With the support of the Center for Professional Excellence, Wes Wagner says he's ready to be his own boss.

  • Athletics Supporting Academics

    The Division III environment at Elmhurst allows wrestler Tyler Espino to compete equally on and off the mat.

  • The Chance to Lead

    A leadership opportunity on Elmhurst's dance team has helped Andrea Romano become the person she is today.

  • Life Is Good

    For small-town native David Devaney, Elmhurst's proximity to Chicago means there's always something to do.

  • Hands-on Experience

    For Maureen Roderick, it's reassuring to see successful Elmhurst graduates working in her field.

  • A Great Feeling

    For Jillian Jackson, performing with Elmhurst's dance team is a confidence builder and an opportunity to connect.

  • The Fruits Of Their Labor

    Peggy Clemens and her volleyball teammates love their shared experiences—especially the winning.

  • No Singular Definition

    Student-athletes know teamwork, but Kayla Hansen—involved in five other campus groups—is learning to lead.

  • Everything You’re Looking For

    Jordin Clark chose Elmhurst for its location, the women’s soccer program and the tight-knit campus community.

  • Spend Your Time On The Field

    A softball player from an early age, Isabella Masini chose Elmhurst for the opportunity to play all four years.

  • Part Of A Family

    Being a part of the track and cross county teams has given Elyse Christofanelli family-like support.

  • All Four Years

    Playing college football is very tough, but it's also very rewarding, says Matt D'Angelo.

  • A Balancing Act

    Katlyn Bednarski says participating in Bluejay athletics has helped her stay focused and given her another family.

  • It's Priceless

    At Elmhurst, Tyler Lomnicki found the opportunity to play a sport that he loves while getting a great education.

  • Welcome To Elmhurst

    During a tour of Elmhurst, Georgia Peterson identified with the warmth and friendliness of the campus.

  • Small And Focused

    Initially considering a big school, Taylor Collins found a home on campus and sees graduate school just ahead.

  • Balancing Multiple Priorities

    Early on, Ricky Stanton learned he could be an athlete without limiting his other Elmhurst experiences.

  • Athletics As A Stepping Stone

    While excelling on the field and in the classroom, Christian Mullin has never lost focus on his professional future.

  • Finding Support Along The Way

    Multi-sport athlete Jonathan Johnson appreciates his professors and coaches for supporting his goals.

  • Team Spirit

    When Bethany Holden joined the bowling team, she found a diverse set of friends she could count on.

  • Joining the Team

    At Elmhurst, Jake Oster was able to join the wrestling team as a freshman and compete right away.

  • A Sense of Accomplishment

    Lauren Lipira talks about starting a cheerleading squad at Elmhurst and getting recognition for the squad's achievements.

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