Watch: Studying Business at Elmhurst

  • Finding The Right Balance

    John Reglin isn’t afraid of a challenge, which is good because balancing soccer life and student life isn’t easy.

  • Part Of A Family

    Being a part of the track and cross county teams has given Elyse Christofanelli family-like support.

  • Big City Access, Small Town Life

    International student Marius Spurfeld has found the perfect place to learn about Chicago’s economic engine.

  • A Campus of Leaders

    Erik Maranto is taking advantage of the College's leadership opportunities to grow as a person and discover himself.

  • Find Yourself

    At Elmhurst, Nikol Bakka has taken on new tasks, gotten involved on campus, and discovered what she can do.

  • A Club for Everyone

    Ben Schuetzenhofer talks about his involvement in a music fraternity, a residence hall council and the Elmhurst College Cigar Aficionados.

  • A Variety of Opinions

    Amber Gretz says the experiences she's had at Elmhurst have helped her learn to deal with a diverse array of people.

  • Choose Your Own Experience

    An international transfer student, Sigrid Andrae choose a “real experience” over the atypical American college.

  • The Value of an Internship

    Ricky Dingraudo wasn't sure what his major would be. Then he found an internship that helped make up his mind.

  • Ready To Go

    With Elmhurst’s focus on professional preparation, Keli Kliebhan is confident and ready for the workplace.

  • Help Along the Way

    With the support of the Center for Professional Excellence, Wes Wagner says he's ready to be his own boss.

  • A Friendly Environment

    For Tony Chan, joining the fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi opened the gate to other organizations.

  • Opening Up

    For Amina Quadri, Elmhurst's Niebuhr Center offers the opportunity to interact with people of different backgrounds and religions.

  • Learning to Lead

    At Elmhurst, Ted Harris has found opportunities to get involved and develop leadership skills.

  • Athletics Supporting Academics

    The Division III environment at Elmhurst allows wrestler Tyler Espino to compete equally on and off the mat.

  • A Welcoming Place

    Jihyun Lee chose Elmhurst for the small class sizes, the campus vibe and, of course, the access to Chicago.

  • Balancing Multiple Priorities

    Early on, Ricky Stanton learned he could be an athlete without limiting his other Elmhurst experiences.

  • Taking a Big Step

    Arriving from Brooklyn, NY, Anthony Nuñez found the space to grow and gain real-world experience.

  • Life Is Good

    For small-town native David Devaney, Elmhurst's proximity to Chicago means there's always something to do.

  • Preparing for Real Life

    Luis Lara says his Elmhurst Experience has helped him clarify his career goals, prepared him for real life and turned him into a man.

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