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Video gaming has grown into a $67 billion industry and spawned a new movement known as “serious games” or “gamification.” Designed to take principles from commercial video games and apply them to goals beyond entertainment, the global serious games market is already a large industry and is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come.

A serious game is designed both to entertain and edify those who play it. Serious games are used to train and develop workers in industry and commerce, health care, government and the armed forces. They are used to educate students in schools and colleges. They are also used to market products and services, promoting deep brand affinities and loyalty among consumers. As serious games and gamification gain acceptance, the need for those skilled in design and development will increase.

A professional certificate in serious games and gamification from Elmhurst College will provide a foundation for success in this exciting field. You’ll learn the history and basics of the serious games industry. You’ll gain insights into how serious games are designed, developed and published. You’ll learn about leading designers and publishers. And you’ll develop the skills required to work alongside them.

The professional certificate in serious games and gamification is a six-month, non-credit training program. Offered fully online through the Elmhurst College Online Center, the program consists of three eight-week sessions.

Questions about the professional certificate in serious games and gamification at Elmhurst? Contact us. We look forward to helping you advance your career!

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