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The Application Process

Apply to Elmhurst as a Transfer Student

We try to make the application process as simple—and friendly—as possible. If you have questions along the way, please contact the Office of Admission.

Admission criteria
How to apply
Obtain an application
Admission calendar
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Admission Criteria
Elmhurst's basic criteria for admission are straightforward. Qualified applicants should show evidence of their ability to successfully complete college-level work, based on their good standing at the last college or university attended.


How to Apply
To apply for transfer admission, submit the following to the Office of Admission:

  • Official transcripts from each college or university you have attended
  • Your high school transcript or GED test results
  • A faculty recommendation
  • Your scores on the ACT or SAT*
  • A completed application form

An essay and interview are recommended, but not required.

During the review of your application, the Admission Review Board may request additional information, such as grades to date in your current college courses, an essay, or a personal interview. You will be notified if the College needs additional information to evaluate your application.

To apply for admission to an accelerated degree-completion program, see Apply for Accelerated Programs.

*Exception: ACT or SAT scores are not required from transfer applicants who have been out of high school for more than three years or have completed 12 semester hours, or 18 quarter hours, of college credit.


Obtain an Application

  • Request an application now by e-mail
  • Apply online
    If you began your online application prior to October 1, 2013 you can complete your application on the What’s Next Illinois website, or you may begin a new application using the Elmhurst College hosted online application.
  • Download an application, complete it, and mail it to us (you'll need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • Call (630) 617-3400 or (800) 697-1871
  • Write the Office of Admission and Financial Aid, Elmhurst College, 190 Prospect Avenue, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126-3296


Admission Calendar
There is no deadline for submission of an application for admission. However, we recommend that transfer students apply before July 1 for Fall Term enrollment and by January 15 for Spring Term. To be eligible for a scholarship, you should submit the application for admission by March 15.


Visit Us!
Visiting the campus is a great way to see first-hand what it's like to be a student here. You may arrange your own individual visit. Interviews are recommended but not required. For more information, click here or call (630) 617-3400 or (800) 697-1871.


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