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PSY 315 Lifespan Development
This course provides an analysis of biological, cognitive, personality and social development from conception to death. Illustrative topics may include the nature-nurture controversy, attachment, peer relationships, identity, vocations, marriage and parenting, midlife transition, aging, death and dying. Theoretical models and research methodologies designed to address these issues will be highlighted throughout the course.

PSY 325 Psychology and Culture
An examination of the theories, research and applications from the fields of cross-cultural psychology, indigenous psychology, cultural psychology, ethnic psychology and psychological anthropology. Students will analyze, synthesize and articulate an intercultural perspective on psychological processes and functioning through exploring their own and dominant U.S. cultural backgrounds, interviewing others with cross-cultural or intercultural experiences, making comparisons using a broad definition of culture and reading about psychological research of cultures other than their own. Students will be encouraged to raise questions about mainstream psychological knowledge and their knowledge of “self ” and self-culture in order to increase awareness, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, sensitivity, adaptation to, respect and contextual evaluation of cultural diversity. Prerequisite: PSY 210.

PSY 326 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
An introduction to the principles and methods of psychology as applied to problems of business, industrial and other types of organizations. Topics include leadership, motivation, group leadership, personnel decisions, training, job analysis, design, evaluation and satisfaction. Prerequisites: PSY 210.

PSY 327 Abnormal Psychology
An introduction to the study of maladaptive behavior. Topics include diagnosis, assessment, classification and treatment of these disorders. An overview of the application of basic psychological theories and normal stress responses will be covered.

PSY 328 Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Introduces the theories and research treatments of adjustment and maladaptive behaviors. Topics include assessment, treatment approaches and the evaluation of treatments, the role of the therapist and social systems of treatment. It is recommended that PSY 312 or 327 be taken prior to this course.

PSY 355 Statistics for Scientific Research
Basic statistical methods in current use in research in the behavioral sciences. Emphasis is placed upon developing the basic concepts and skills needed to perform and interpret standard elementary statistical tests on numerical data.

PSY 356 Research Methods in Psychology
The nature and methods of inquiry into human and animal behavior are examined through the design and implementation of psychological research. Topics include descriptive and experimental methods, analysis and interpretation of research data and ethical issues in research. Some focus on use of SPSS software. All students design and conduct a study as a psychology laboratory experience outside of class meetings.

PSY 422 Psychological Testing
Survey course of the history, utility, ethics and practical applications of psychological testing. Concepts of standardization, reliability and validity are presented. Commonly used tests of intelligence, personality, aptitude and interests are presented. The standards for educational and psychological testing will be included as a course topic. An assessment project is assigned.

PSY 496 Senior Capstone Seminar
An advanced seminar with varying topics that change each term. The seminars are led each term by a different full-time faculty member of the department. The emphasis is on complex issues in psychology and the use of primary sources. A major requirement of the seminar is to write an APA-style review paper that critiques, analyzes and synthesizes the extant literature related to the topic of the seminar.

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