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Alumni Admission Program

Goals of the program

  • Increase the number of qualified students who consider Elmhurst in the college search process and ultimately enroll.
  • Provide a local resource for prospective students and their families.
  • Assist the admission staff with recruiting events.
  • Provide regional information and feedback to the Office of Admission.
  • Establish a relationship with admitted students through a mentor program.

Opportunities for Alumni Volunteers to be involved

College Fairs: In the fall and spring, you may represent Elmhurst College at college fairs that the Admission staff is unable to cover. Collectively, you may bring several hundred new student inquiries to the College each year from these fairs.

High School Visits: In the fall and spring, you may have an opportunity to visit local high schools with current Elmhurst admission counselors to talk with prospective high school students. These visits typically last 30 to 40 minutes and are a way to bring Elmhurst College to the students.

Phone Calls: There are two types of phone calls that you may be asked to complete. The first is the fall encouragement call. The alumni coordinator will ask volunteers to call students from their region who have shown a high degree of interest in Elmhurst. You will be asked to field questions, recommend a visit to campus and encourage the students to apply. In the spring, we may ask you to contact admitted students to address last minute questions and encourage them to enroll.

Referrals: Alumni volunteers alert the Office of Admission of high school students in their communities to whom Elmhurst materials should be sent.

Admission Visit Programs: Occasionally the Office of Admission invites alumni to campus for various parts of the visit day programs. Alumni volunteers may be asked to participate in panel discussions or give presentations to various prospective student groups.

Hosting Picnics/ Special Events: Throughout the recruiting season, the Office of Admission may ask alumni volunteers to host picnics or special events to provide students with opportunities to learn more about Elmhurst and meet members of the Elmhurst community.

Mentor Program: Alumni volunteers will be asked to create a relationship with admitted students through notes, emails and phone calls, with the ultimate goal of having these students enroll.

Expectations of an Admission Volunteer

  • Stay well informed about Elmhurst College by reading the information sent to you and checking the school’s web site, Facebook and Twitter pages. This will assist you as you answer students’ questions.
  • Attend Elmhurst meetings or training sessions in your area whenever possible.
  • Respond promptly to the alumni coordinator’s requests for student contact. Even if you cannot meet our request, please let us know you received our message.
  • Send the appropriate paperwork back to the alumni coordinator after contacting a student.
  • Inform the alumni coordinator of changes in your contact information or volunteer status.
  • Endorse Elmhurst in all appropriate situations. You are the product of a great Alma Mater. Show it off!
  • If you do not know an answer to a student’s question, call the Office of Admission at 1-630-617-3400 and ask the alumni coordinator or an admission counselor for assistance.
  • Have fun meeting prospective students and working with their families!
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