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Borrow a Bike Program

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How the Program Works

The Elmhurst College Bicycle Program provides a free bicycle, helmet, and bike lock to eligible students, faculty, and staff who agree not to bring a motorized vehicle to campus for an entire academic year (winter months excepted).

The program is open to continuing students who have reached sophomore academic status, faculty, and staff. Participants who sign an agreement will not be eligible to receive a parking sticker from Campus Security for the entire academic year. (Participants who may need to park a vehicle on campus between December 1 and March 1 will be eligible to apply for a temporary winter parking permit from Campus Security.)

Enforcement of the agreement is on the honor system, but participants who violate it will be subject to disciplinary action on the part of the College. No participant may receive more than one bicycle, helmet, or lock, regardless of how long they remain at the College.

Getting Started
To enroll, students, faculty, and staff need to submit the enrollment form and a signed copy of the participant agreement to the Office of Facilities Management no later than May 28. Based on your size, the College will purchase a bicycle, helmet, and lock for you. A local bike shop will assemble the bicycles and handle the distribution of all of the equipment when students arrive on campus in the fall.

Bike Models
The program offers two styles of bicycles, each in men's and women's frames. You will need to select which bike you are interested in when you enroll. View your options and read the technical specifications for each model. A unique Elmhurst College ID tag will be attached to each bike before distribution. A list of the serial numbers and ID tags will be provided to Campus Security in order to trace lost or stolen bikes as well as to identify offenders of College bicycle rules.

Bikes and equipment will be distributed on two “Bike Days,” which will take place in advance of the regular College start date. On that day, representatives from the bike store will be present to assist in adjusting the bikes and to display accessories available for order at a reduced cost. There will be two additional dates (one in the fall and one in the spring) when the bike store will have representatives to adjust bikes and answer maintenance questions.

Winter Storage
On December 1, resident student participants who wish to have the College store their bike for the winter will be able to surrender it in exchange for a signed waiver releasing the College from responsibility for damage or theft. There will be no cost to the students for this service. All bikes will be placed in a locked storage facility and not brought back to campus until March 1. Students who choose to store their bikes for the winter will not have access to them until all of the bikes are returned to campus in the spring.

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