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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the College offering free bikes?
The program has three primary purposes: as an incentive to participants to keep physically fit, to reduce our impact upon the environment as a part of our commitment to sustainability, and to reduce our parking demands.

How is the program being funded?
The program is funded out of the general College budget.

Who’s eligible to participate in the program?
Returning and transfer students who have reached sophomore academic standing or higher, faculty, and staff are eligible for this program.

How will the no-motorized-vehicle agreement be enforced?
All participants who apply for a parking permit will have their name checked against a list of program participants. If their name is on the list they will be denied a parking permit for the current year except for a temporary winter permit that will allow them to park on campus between December 1 and March 1. Students who bring an unregistered vehicle to campus are subject to ticketing by Campus Security.

What type of bike will I get?
The College is offering two types of bikes, each available either in a men's or a women's model, though the College reserves the option to substitute if the standard bicycles are unavailable. The bikes will be ordered in various men’s and women’s frame sizes according to the information provided by the participants.

If all the bikes are the same, how will I know which one is mine?
A unique identification tag will be applied to each bicycle so that you can easily identify your own bike. Campus Security will maintain records of all the tags to assist with lost or stolen bikes.

Who will be responsible for maintaining my bike?
Ultimately, you will be responsible for any upkeep, adjustment, and repairs required for your bike. The College assumes no responsibility for any repairs.

Where can I park my bike?
The College has installed a considerable number of new bicycle racks around campus to give participants a place to lock and store their bikes outside.

Where will I keep it in the winter?
If you wish to store your bike during the winter months, the College will provide storage in a locked storage facility for resident students who sign a waiver. All stored bikes will have to be turned in by December 1. If you take advantage of this option, though, you won’t have access to your bike again until March 1.

Does the city of Elmhurst require bicycles to be licensed?
No, but it’s a good idea to register your bike with the Elmhurst police department to facilitate its return in case of loss or theft. The Elmhurst College ID tag may serve a similar purpose.

What happens to my bike at the end of the year?
Your bike belongs to you. You may keep it, sell it, take it home or, better yet, renew your agreement and participate in the program again next year.

What if I sign up and receive a free bike, and then discover a legitimate reason for requiring a car on campus?
Generally speaking, students will not be allowed to opt out of the program once they have signed the agreement. Therefore, participants should think carefully before signing the agreement. However, Campus Security may make exceptions on an individual basis in extreme cases.

What if I sign up for the program and then withdraw from the College before the tenth day of classes? 
A withdrawing student will be asked to return the bicycle and equipment in good condition to the College.

My question isn’t listed here. Where can I turn for an answer? 
Questions about the program can be addressed to the program director at (630) 617-3179. The program director’s answers are considered final. There is no appeal process.

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