» Requirements for the Major

Requirements for the Major

A major in biology requires at least nine courses in the following:

Four Required Courses
BIO 200 General Biology I
BIO 201 General Biology II
BIO 315 Genetics
BIO 498 Capstone Seminar (note prerequisite)

In addition, all majors must complete five elective courses at the 300/400 level. At least one elective must be chosen from each of the following categories. The remaining two electives are chosen at the discretion of the student.

BIO 321 General Microbiology
BIO 322 Virology
BIO 331 Developmental Biology
BIO 342 Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer
BIO 411 Behavioral Genetics
BIO 413 Molecular Genetics
BIO 443 Advanced Cell Physiology

BIO 330 Comparative Chordate Anatomy
BIO 332 Plant Anatomy and Morphology
BIO 334 Invertebrate Zoology
BIO 441 Plant Physiology
BIO 430 Advanced Human Anatomy
BIO 442 Animal Physiology

BIO 350 General Ecology
BIO 353 Animal Behavior
BIO 355 Evolution of Vertebrates
BIO 356 Evolution and Population Genetics
BIO 451 Microbial Ecology

In addition to the courses required within the Department of Biology, a biology major must complete CHM 211, 212 Chemical Principles I and II; CHM 311, 312 Organic Chemistry I and II; one mathematics course chosen from MTH 132 Elementary Functions, MTH 151 Calculus I, or MTH 152 Calculus II; and one statistics course chosen from MTH 345 Elementary Statistics, MTH 346 Statistics for Scientists, or PSY 355 Statistics for Scientific Research with a grade of C or better.

It is highly recommended that all students complete their math and statistics requirements by the end of their second year. Students who wish to earn a B.S. degree in biology must fulfill their math requirement with MTH 151 Calculus I or MTH 152 Calculus II (or equivalent) and complete a year of physics (either PHY 111, 112 or PHY 121, 122) with a grade of C or better in addition to the requirements listed above. Students planning on graduate work in biology are strongly recommended to earn the B.S degree and take additional courses in biochemistry and computer science.

Suggested Sequence of Courses for the Major
Freshman year: BIO 200 and BIO 201, CHM 211 and 212
Sophomore year: BIO 315 and one biology elective, CHM 311 and 312, mathematics, statistics
Junior year: Two biology electives, one year of physics (for B.S.)
Senior year: Two biology electives, BIO 498

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