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How It Works

As an adult learner, you will come to class equipped with knowledge and skills that will enable you to learn at an accelerated pace. This program is designed to meet your specific academic and practical needs.

  • Classes meet once a week, in the evening.
  • The major includes 9.75 course credits (39 semester hours).
  • You will complete your major courses in about 14 months.
  • In addition to completing the major requirements, all students must complete Integrated Curriculum and elective courses required to earn the degree (32 course credits/128 semester hours).
  • You may be able to earn elective credits for life experience and other non-collegiate learning. (See Credit Options to find out more.)
  • You will complete the major courses as a member of a student cohort. The cohort model provides you with a supportive learning environment in which you will study alongside students with similar goals, develop your capacity for teamwork, and build a new professional support network.
  • The program emphasizes individual and team projects completed outside of class, and the learning process is enriched by the workplace experiences students bring to classroom discussions and assignments. 
  • All courses are taught by the full-time and adjunct faculty of Elmhurst College. The faculty has extensive classroom and professional experience, and uses cooperative learning and other active teaching styles suited to adult learners. 
  • The Elmhurst Management Program (business adminstration) is offered within a matrix of course modules that you will complete in a logical sequence.

NOTE: Students in the Elmhurst Management Program should be at least 24 years of age. Program Directors reserve the right to admit students under the age of 24 who are qualified to meet the rigorous requirements of an accelerated program.

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