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Nutrition and Medical Dietetics

The field of nutrition and medical dietetics offers a variety of rewarding and interesting careers. In this field, you’ll work to improve or maintain health by applying science to what people eat. Dietitians work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, health agencies, health clubs, and government agencies. Most work directly with patients while others conduct research.

Will I need further study?
What should I major in?
What are the course requirements?
What about advising?
How do I get certified?
Where can I find additional information?

Will I need further study?
Yes. After completing a portion of your coursework at Elmhurst, you’ll transfer into a bachelor of science program in nutrition and medical dietetics at another institution. Another option is to complete your bachelor’s degree at Elmhurst and then earn a graduate degree in nutrition.

What should I major in?
If you stay at Elmhurst and wish to pursue graduate study after graduating, you can major in any area making sure to complete any prerequisite courses to apply.

What are the course requirements?
Before transferring into a nutrition and medical dietetics program or going onto graduate school in this field, you must determine which courses are required to be admitted directly with individual schools as prerequisites will vary. Some recommended courses are:

  • BIO 104, 221
  • CHM 101, 103
  • ENG 105, 106
  • MTH 121
  • KIN 306
  • SOC two courses, one emphasizing development of social or cultural patterns; the other on development of influence of family relationships, family life, or group processes
  • PSY 210 
  • Speech
  • Humanities
  • Economics
  • Statistics 

What about advising?
You will meet with the health professions advisor to discuss your specific academic and professional interests. Your advisor will work with you throughout your Elmhurst career, clearing obstacles and giving expert guidance. Want to know more? See Advisors.

How do I get certified?
You can find details about certification and requirements to enter the profession at the website for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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