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Here are more sources of Niebuhr-related material on the Web.

On Reinhold Niebuhr

What You Can Learn from Reinhold Niebuhr
The New York Review of Books reviews a new edition of The Irony of American History in light of America's contemporary political environment.

Obama's Favorite Theologian?
The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life examines how Reinhold Niebuhr has influenced President Obama's views on faith.

A Man for All Reasons
In the November 2007 Atlantic Monthly, Paul Elie explores how a wave of Reinhold Niebuhr revivalism has made the theologian subject to claims of ownership from across the political spectrum.

The Rehabilitation of the Cold-War Liberal
A 2006 essay by Peter Beinart, published in The New York Times, calls for a reestablishment of a distinctly liberal foreign policy vision, exemplified in the mid-20th century by thinkers such as Reinhold Niebuhr.

The Definitive Reinhold Niebuhr
Richard N. Ostling reviews historian Richard Fox's biography of Niebuhr for Time magazine in 2005.

Reinhold Niebuhr: Religion Online Library
The complete texts of Niebuhr's essays, "A View of Life from the Sidelines," "Let Liberal Churches Stop Fooling Themselves," and "Our Secularized Civilization." Also, the complete text of The Christian Witness in a Secular Age, Reinhold Niebuhr, by Howard G. Patton.

Reinhold Niebuhr Obituary
From the June 2, 1971 edition of The New York Times

By Reinhold Niebuhr

Germany and Modern Civilization
Writing in The Atlantic Monthly in 1925, Niebuhr sees Germany as the state most threatened by modern political and industrial movements.

Our Secularized Civilization
In 1926, the young intellectual Niebuhr warned against ecclesiastical and cultural shortcomings.

A View of Life from the Sidelines
In an essay penned in 1967, but not published until 1984, Niebuhr reflects on how his declining health has forced him to contemplate the merits of "the spectator's view."

Reinhold Niebuhr in The New Republic
From August, 1953 to June, 1967 Reinhold Niebuhr regularly appeared in The New Republic magazine. Here are a selection of essays.


On H. Richard Niebuhr

H. Richard Niebuhr: Religion Online Library
The complete texts of Niebuhr's essays, "The Reconstruction of Faith" and "The Responsibility of the Church for Society." Also, three essays on Niebuhr's theology.

On Christ and Culture
From The Christian Century, a 2002 re-examination of H. Richard Niebuhr's classic work, by Peter R. Gathje.

Transforming Niebuhr's Categories
George Mardsen looks at the contemporary relevance of Niebuhr's typology for interactions between Christ and society.

God and Ourselves
The Christian Century reviews a collection of H. Richard Niebuhr's work, Theology, History, and Culture: Major Unpublished Writing, in 1997.

H. Richard Niebuhr's Obituary
From the July 6, 1962 edition of The New York Times.

By H. Richard Niebuhr

The Reconstruction of Faith
Niebuhr argues that fellowship with Christ is what moves our distrust of God towards trust.

The Responsibility of the Church for Society
Niebuhr spells out the nature and scope of churches' responsibility to society and challenges them to be both shepherds of the lost and social pioneers.

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