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M.S. in Data Science

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About the Program

The Elmhurst master’s in data science builds your expertise in statistics, computer science and business—skill areas crucial to succeeding in this in-demand field. Students complete two project-based courses, providing an environment for integrating lessons learned from the program’s multi-faceted approach and for refining skills necessary to put the program’s theoretical knowledge to work in realistic and changing circumstances. Students also have the option to focus their studies around professional and personal interests by taking two electives.

What You’ll Learn
In this program, you will:

  • Acquire a fundamental understanding of the analytical techniques and software tools necessary to effectively generate useful information from structured and unstructured datasets of any size.
  • Gain experience in using the tools and techniques of data science to structure and complete projects focused on obtaining actionable insights from complex data.
  • Dive deeply into a chosen area of practice to fully prepare to use knowledge gained in the program to add significant value in a professional setting.

A Flexible Format
The master’s in data science program is a part-time program that can be completed in two years. The program is offered fully online with classes that are flexible enough to accommodate the schedules of professionals with work and family commitments.

The program welcomes applications from students from all industries and backgrounds who hold an undergraduate degree in any major. Please note that a basic course in statistics (with a grade of C or better) and prior coursework in programming are prerequisites to the program.

If a student does not meet these prerequisites, they may begin the program under the following conditions:

  • Successful completion of MTH 345 Elementary Statistics to fulfill the statistics prerequisite. This course must be taken prior to beginning the program or concurrently in the first term.
  • Successful completion of CS 200 Programming Fundamentals (online, non-credit) to fulfill the computer programming prerequisite. This course may be taken prior to beginning the program or within the first year of study.

Prerequisites may also be completed as part of the student’s undergraduate coursework or transferred from another college or university.

For more information, please contact the School for Professional Studies at (630) 617-3300 or sps@elmhurst.edu.

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