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After two years, Tammy Licata says she felt like a leader in early childhood special education.
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In this video, Director Therese Wehman says all students land jobs by the time they graduate.

Literally all of the graduates of our master’s program in early childhood special education are working in this supremely rewarding field. These superbly educated professionals make a remarkable difference in the lives of children with disabilities.

Our innovative, interdisciplinary program blends the disciplines of early childhood education and special education. The program prepares you to work with young children at a critical time in their lives, when effective intervention can have a substantial positive impact.

In this program, you will learn not only how to support children with special needs, you’ll establish strong, collaborative relationships with the children’s families, complete challenging hands-on field experiences and build partnerships with seasoned professionals.

The program is 37 semester hours. Students specialize either in early intervention (birth to age three) or early childhood special education (age three through five). Students can opt to earn a professional educator license with a focus in early childhood education with early childhood special education approval. This will require students to complete an additional four exams, three courses and a 16-week student teaching experience.

The program embraces the College’s belief that students play a significant role in one another’s learning, motivation, and success. Students who begin the program in the Fall Term form a cohort that stays intact throughout the program. You’ll work closely with your cohort members in classroom and study projects, and you’ll help one another maintain a sense of progress and achievement. Because of the vital role the cohort plays in each student’s success, students are selected to complement one another in the learning process.

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