» Major in Secondary Education

Major in Secondary Education

This major requires 34 semester hours of coursework, including at least 1.5 units (6 semester hours) of student teaching at the middle or secondary level. EDU 104 is a pre- or co-requisite for introductory courses. SEC 200 or its equivalent is required to enroll in 200-level education courses. SEC 300 or its equivalent is required to enroll in 300- and 400-level education courses. SEC 450 or its equivalent and formal admission to student teaching are required to enroll in student teaching. Students are required to complete all courses with grades of C (2.000) or higher and to pass student teaching, while maintaining a 2.750 secondary education major GPA and a 2.750 overall cumulative GPA.

All of the following courses are required:
SEC 223 PK-12 Learners with Exceptionalities (pre/corequisite: SEC 200)
SEC 311 Educational Psychology (prerequisite: PSY 210)
SEC 310 Methods and Best Practices in Middle and Secondary Education (pre/corequisite: SEC 300)
SEC 421 Theory and Practice for Building Academic Literacies in K-12 (pre/corequisite: SEC 300, SEC 310)
SEC 455/457 Student Teaching in Secondary and Middle Schools (3.0); requires formal admission to student teaching

At least one of the following:
ART 362 Art Methods and Experiences in Secondary Education
ECO 440 Teaching Economics in the Secondary School
ENG 440 Teaching of English
GEO 440 Teaching Geography in Secondary Schools
HIS 440 Teaching History in Secondary Schools
KIN 440 Instructional Techniques in Secondary Physical Education
MTH 440 Teaching Secondary School Mathematics
MUS 366 Teaching of K-12 Classroom Music
POL 440 Special Methods: Teaching Political Science
SEC 425 Teaching Social Science in Middle and Secondary Schools
SEC 463 Natural Science: Special Methods
SOC 440 Teaching Sociology in the Secondary School
THE 465 Teaching Theatre Arts
WL 440 Teaching Foreign Language in the Secondary School

Course(s) chosen from the following to meet the 34-semester hour requirement:
EDU 324 Educational Experience in Jamaica
EDU 331 Race and Equity in Education
EDU 351 Religious Studies in the Public Schools K-12
EDU 360 The Middle School
EDU 361 Understanding the Middle Level Learner
PSY 318 Adolescent Development
EDU 380 Comparative Studies
EDU 391 Education Experience in Australia
EDU 462 Curriculum Integration for the Middle School
ENG 315 Adolescent Literature

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