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Secondary Education, 2017–2018

One unit of credit equals four semester hours.

Prerequisite for all courses at the 200-level or higher: admission to program.

SEC 200 Introductory Seminar to Teaching as a Caring Profession
.50 credit
An introduction to the Department of Education’s mission, goals, core values, professional conduct expectations and requirements for teacher licensure in Illinois. Teacher candidates are introduced to technology integration in education and create a professional electronic portfolio to monitor and evaluate their growth as future educators. To be completed as a first course at the 200 level or above in a teacher education program. Successful completion of this seminar is required to continue in the teacher education program. This course requires field experience. Prerequisite: admission to teacher education; may be taken concurrently with EDU 104.

SEC 223 Education of PK-12 Learners with Exceptionalities
An introduction to the characteristics of children with cognitive, social, emotional and physical disabilities and educational principles applicable to them. Includes educational principles, methods and materials that may be useful in meeting the varying needs of learners with disabilities. Prerequisites/concurrent: EDU 104; admission to an education program; non-majors must have consent of the instructor.

SEC 300 Intermediate Seminar for Teaching in Diverse and Inclusive Schools
.25 credit
An intermediate seminar for developing the knowledge and skills needed for creating inclusive and safe classroom environments that support all learners. The seminar requires field participation in diverse school settings. Teacher candidates demonstrate professional growth by developing a philosophy of teaching and presenting their reflective e-portfolios, which link coursework with professional standards and field experiences. Successful completion of this seminar is required as part of the evaluation process for continuation in the teacher education program. Prerequisite: SEC 200.

SEC 310 Methods and Best Practices in Middle and Secondary Education
A study of adolescent development and learning theories, content area literacy practices, curriculum integration, and evidence-based methods of short- and long-term planning, instruction, formative and summative assessment and classroom management. Participatory field experiences, including teaching in middle schools and high schools, are required. Prerequisites: SEC 200, SEC 223 or KIN 312, SEC 311. May be taken concurrently with SEC 300.

SEC 311 Educational Psychology
An introduction to the psychological principles and theories of human development, learning and motivation in K-12 educational settings. Includes the study of educational research, child and adolescent development, developmentally appropriate and instructional best practices, individual differences, learning environment and assessment. Prerequisites: ENG 106, PSY 210 or EDU 104, and sophomore standing.

SEC 421 Theory and Practice for Building Academic Literacies in K-12 Classrooms
An advanced study of theories of literacies, the developmental reading process and practical applications and training for and across content areas. Includes training methods and procedures used to develop skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding of content area reading material, and modification processes developed to maximize literacy practices for all students. Prerequisites: SEC 300, SEC 310.

SEC 425 Teaching Social Studies in Middle and Secondary Schools
.50 credit
An advanced study of the scope and sequence, content and skills of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Standards and the Illinois Social Science Standards in combination with methods and strategies for teaching both secondary and middle school (grades 6-12) social studies curricula as well as an overview of Illinois history. Prerequisites: SEC 200, SEC 223 or KIN 312, SEC 311. Fall Term.

SEC 450 Advanced Seminar in Teacher Collaboration and Professional Practice
.25 credit
An advanced study of collaborative and professional practice in schools. The seminar requires extensive participation in schools and focuses on effective instructional practices, optimal learning environments, professional collaboration, school policies and procedures (e.g., mandated reporting) and reflective practice. Field experiences at prospective student teaching sites are expected. Candidates demonstrate readiness for student teaching and proficiency in technology by presenting their professional e-portfolios as part of the evaluation process for admission to student teaching. Prerequisites: SEC 300, SEC 310; to be taken in the term prior to student teaching.

SEC 455 Student Teaching in Secondary Schools
3.00 credits
Open only to those preparing to teach in grades 9 through 12. Full-day assignment to a public school for 15 weeks. Attendance at seminar sessions is required. Prerequisite: SEC 450 or subject department equivalent. Pass/No Pass grading.

SEC 457 Student Teaching in Special Fields
3.00 credits
Open only to those preparing to teach in grades kindergarten through 12 in a special subject area for a minimum of 15 weeks. Full-day assignments in two settings (elementary/middle and high school) each for a seven- to eight-week period. Attendance at seminar sessions is required. Prerequisite: SEC 450 or subject department equivalent. Pass/No Pass grading.

SEC 463 Natural Science: Special Methods
A consideration of curricular design, lab materials, textbook evaluations and general pedagogical principles as applied to the teaching of natural science. The main product of this course is a unit plan that aligns with the National Science Education Standards. For students pursuing the science education minor, SEC 463 may be substituted for EDU 327. See Prerequisites. Prerequisites: SEC 300, SEC 310 or consent of the instructor. Fall Term.

SEC 492/292 Independent Study in Secondary Education
An individually designed course under the supervision of a faculty member in the Department of Education.

See department listings for special methods courses required for other majors.

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