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Types of Aid

Elmhurst College offers financial assistance in several forms, ranging from grants and scholarships to loans and student employment. Some types of aid are awarded on the basis of need, others on achievement in academics or another area. Most students receive more than one type of aid in their financial aid package.

Here's an overview:

These are gift funds that do not need to be paid back. Scholarships are awarded for academic achievement, talent in the arts, membership in the United Church of Christ and in several other categories.

Grants are awarded based on a student's financial need. They do not need to be repaid. Elmhurst students receive grants from the College itself and from the state and federal governments.

Elmhurst offers student loans from funds provided through federal programs. Unlike grants and scholarships, student loans must be repaid. Most require repayment to begin six to nine months after a student leaves college or drops below half-time enrollment. Federal PLUS loans for parents and alternative loans for students (through outside lenders) are also utilized by some students.

Campus Employment
Many Elmhurst students work on campus, either through the Federal Work-Study Program (which assists students with financial need) or through employment funded by Elmhurst College.

Elmhurst also offers a payment plan that allows you to pay tuition in monthly installments. And you may be able to defray costs even further with federal tax credits or deductions.


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