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Many Elmhurst students work on campus to gain experience and earnings. All Elmhurst College students may apply for on-campus employment; however, some departments hire only students who have been awarded Federal Work Study. Enrollment status, skills, prior experience and availability also play a role in the hiring process.

Campus job opportunities are listed here. For information on off-campus employment, please visit the Center for Professional Excellence, located in Circle Hall on the main level.

Campus Employment Programs
How to Apply
Earnings Limitations
Rates of Pay
Workplace Issues
Employment Responsibilities
Student Enrichment and Training Program (STEP)
Resources for Supervisors

Campus Employment Programs
The Student Employment Program provides students with on-campus work through two programs: Federal Work-Study and Elmhurst College Funded Employment.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based financial aid program funded jointly by the College and the federal government. Elmhurst College awards FWS funds to students with demonstrated financial need as demonstrated by their FAFSA results and an interest in working on campus as a part of the financial aid package. Earnings are paid directly to the student worker, not applied to tuition bills.

Elmhurst College Funded Employment (ECFE), a non-need-based employment program, is often referred to as "regular" student employment. Students work in a variety of campus departments, receiving their wages directly from the department for which they work.


How to Apply for Student Employment
Job openings are posted online starting July 1 for the fall term.  Job openings are also posted on the student employment bulletin board in the Frick Center and outside of the Office of Student Financial Services in Goebel Hall.

On-campus jobs that involve service to the local community may be found in the, Buehler Library, ELSA, Elmhurst College Speech Clinic, Computer Lab and Center for Professional Excellence.

Applications for student employment are available in the Office of Student Financial Services or you may download the form. Completed applications should be returned to the appropriate supervisor.

It is the student's responsibility to set up an interview with the department supervisor. Students who are unable to secure a position on their own may contact the student employment coordinator in the Office of Student Financial Services for assistance. A FWS award does not guarantee a job.

Students who work on campus must fill out employment paperwork within three business days of beginning work. These forms include I-9 Employment Eligibility, Federal W-4 Withholding, State W-4 Withholding, Elmhurst College Confidentiality Form, and Direct Deposit Form  The forms are always available in the Office of Student  Financial Services. Original documents establishing identity and employment eligibility are also required.


Earnings Limitations
Students may not work more than 20 hours a week during the academic year. There is also a semester and annual limit to the amount of money a student may earn through the Federal Work Study Program. After reaching their earnings limit, FWS students may, with the approval of their supervisor, continue working under the Elmhurst College Funded Employment program. Some departments require Federal Work Study and the students may not work after the semester or annual limit is reached.


Rates of Pay
Hourly pay rates are based on the job level and students' skills and experience. All student workers earn at least the Illinois minimum wage which is currently $8.25 per hour. Federal Work Study students and Elmhurst College Funded Employment (ECFE) students receive the same rates of pay. To receive their pay, students log in work hours using the College's electronic timekeeping system. Students are paid every two weeks. Methods of payment include direct deposit to the student's bank account or student account at Elmhurst College, or wages may be deposited on a Visa PayCard. Forms to set up method of payment will be available in the Office of Student Financial Services when the student completes other employment paperwork or in the Payroll office at 180 Park.


Workplace Issues
Students often encounter confidential information in the course of their on-campus work. A breach of this confidentiality will result in termination of employment. Student workers who are uncomfortable handling confidential information should discuss the issue with their supervisor at once. Student workers should also talk to their supervisor if they are not comfortable performing an assigned task for any reason.

Student workers must report all accidents or injuries on the job to their supervisors immediately.


Employment Responsibilities
Student workers are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Remain on the job for the entire academic year, except in case of serious illness or failure to maintain a satisfactory academic record.
  • Accurately log in hours worked on the college's electronic timekeeping system.
  • Perform on the job to the best of your ability.
  • Discuss any job-related problems with your supervisor as soon as possible.


Student Training and Enrichment Program (STEP)
The STEP program is designed to enhance the personal and professional skills of full time students currently working on campus. Workshops are presented throughout the year on topics of interest to the student and his/her supervisor.

Examples of recent workshops include:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Resume and Interviewing Tips
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Stress Management
  • Professionalism in the Workplace
  • Career Exploration

In addition, STEP sponsors an annual celebration honoring all Elmhurst College student workers. The celebration is held the second week of April each year.


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