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Language 2+2 Programs

For Students at COD

COD students who plan to major in French, Spanish or German can transfer seamlessly to Elmhurst.

Alumni Stories

Bridging a Medical Language Gap

Elmhurst alum Jacob Stelter invited Professor Beatriz Gómez-Acuña to advise a student-run medical Spanish program.

Studying Spanish

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

At Elmhurst, Brandon Starks has studied abroad, developed a better understanding of different cultures, and learned to think in new ways.

In a world of polyglots, monolingual Americans are left out of the conversation. As the world’s peoples communicate increasingly through international commerce, diplomacy and travel, the necessity for multilingualism grows. Non-Americans frequently speak three or more languages. In the United States, speakers of more than one language are a small proportion of the population, but they have access to a world of careers unavailable to those bound by their native tongue—if they have the credentials a college education provides. World language study at Elmhurst College can take you just about anywhere—and probably will.

All of Elmhurst’s world language faculty members have spent extended periods of time living in the country whose language they teach. In small classes, you’ll interact closely with your professors. Nothing will teach you to speak a second language like being in a foreign country. That’s why Elmhurst provides plenty of opportunities to travel—including internships in Costa Rica, Brussels, Paris, Madrid or Bonn; faculty-led study tours; and a variety of study abroad programs.

In foreign language classes here, students communicate in the language at hand—even in beginning courses. You’ll also develop your language skills in small group and partner exercises. You can further develop your understanding of other cultures by joining our World Languages Club or our International Club, which features meetings and speakers such as international journalists and foreign businesspeople.

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