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Major in Geography

Starting with a strong background in the liberal arts, the major in geography prepares graduates for environmental and resource professions, site selection, transportation, urban planning, public policy or graduate, law and business schools.

You’ll study the basics (including weather and the earth’s landscapes); develop important skills (including the use of geographic information systems, or GIS); and choose from an array of courses on specific regions and geographical topics, such as urban environmental problems. The major also works to link the social and natural sciences, and offers a broad foundation in geography and geosciences.

Throughout, you’ll get the benefit of personal attention from faculty, who plan field trips to places near and far and welcome independent projects. Opportunities with hands-on internships are readily available and highly encouraged.

Core Coursework: Nine (9) courses required
GEO 102 Earth System Science Or GEO 105 Introduction to Atmospheric Science
GEO 111 Regional Study of the Modern Industrial World
GEO 112 Regional Study of the Developing World
GEO 207 Fundamentals of GIS
GEO 413 Economic Geography
GEO 470 Research Methods in Geography (.50 credit)
GEO 471 Senior Research Capstone (.50 credit)

Plus, students must take one of the following regional specialty courses:
GEO 311 Regional Study of Europe
GEO 315 Regional Study of the United States and Canada
GEO 317 Regional Study of Latin America

Plus two of the following topical systematic courses:
GEO 218 Geography of Religion
GEO 350 Geography of Sexual and Gender Identities
GEO 411 Urban Geography
GEO 412 Political Geography

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