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Honors Program courses are taught by faculty from across the College curriculum. As an Honors student, you might study the environment with a chemistry professor one term, then explore ethics with a member of the religion faculty the next.

But whatever their discipline, Honors faculty share some basic characteristics. They’re challenging, they’re approachable, they create an engaging learning environment, and most of all, they’re strongly committed to the open exchange of ideas in the classroom.

Mary Kay Mulvaney, Ph.D.
Director, Elmhurst College Honors Program
Center for Professional Excellence
Circle Hall 114
(630) 617-6479

At the helm of the Honors Program is Dr. Mary Kay Mulvaney, professor of English, who received her Ph.D. in rhetoric from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2004, Dr. Mulvaney received the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching. She has also published and presented numerous times on composition and rhetorical theory and on the nature of academic writing. Her publications include the college-level textbook Academic Writing: Genres, Samples, and Resources. Most recently, she has co-edited Preparing Tomorrow's Global Leaders: Honors International Education. In November 2015, Dr. Mulvaney was named a National Collegiate Honors Council Fellow for her contributions to Honors research and pedagogy; to date, this distinction has only been awarded to 66 scholars across the country.

Dr. Mulvaney has been director of the Honors Program since August 2004. Within the Program, she teaches Honors-level research and writing, the Honors First-Year Seminar, Honors Directed Readings and Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars. As a professor in the Department of English, she teaches courses ranging from first-year composition to graduate-level rhetorical theory.

Russell Ford, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Elmhurst College Honors Program
Center for Professional Excellence
Donald W. & Betty J. Buik Endowed Chair
Circle Hall 118
(630) 617-3104

Dr. Russell Ford came to Elmhurst College in 2005 and became the assistant director of the Honors Program in 2008. Dr. Ford received his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in 2001 in philosophy with a doctoral minor in literary theory, criticism and aesthetics. In 2009 he became the faculty coordinator for the Intercultural Lecture Series.

Dr. Ford teaches several classes in the Honors Program including sections of Honors Directed Readings and the Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar. He also oversees the Honors Independent Research projects. As a professor in the Department of Philosophy, he teaches classes in Modern Philosophy, Biomedical and Business Ethics and Contemporary Continental Philosophy.

Dr. Ford has published widely on contemporary philosophy, literature and rhetoric. In 2007, he published a translation of the French artist and critic Pierre Klonowski’s Such a Deathly Desire.

Julie Gonzales
Assistant Director, Education Enrichment Programs
Center for Professional Excellence
Career Education/Honors Program
Circle Hall 116
(630) 617-3188

Assisting in the Honors Program is Ms. Gonzales, assistant director of education enrichment programs. Gonzales, an alumna of Elmhurst College, received her master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2006. She started with the Honors Program the same year. She establishes new experiences and challenges for students through the Mentoring and Honors Programs that enrich their academic experience. She views her role as providing students with opportunities in which to grow and develop personally as well as professionally. She also is the advisor to the Elmhurst College Honors Organization (ECHO), the co-curricular arm of the Honors Program.

Alfie Chelette
Administrative Assistant, Center for Professional Excellence
Center for Professional Excellence
Circle Hall 121A
(630) 617-3190

Ms. Chelette joined the staff of Elmhurst College in April 2016. Her responsibilities include tracking Honors Program students by maintaining accurate records, organizing and coordinating Honors Program events, and editing the Honors Program newsletter, Blue.

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