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Guidelines for Independent Research Projects

Honors Program participants are encouraged to conduct a substantial research project on a topic of their choice. Each project is designed in collaboration with a faculty mentor. Grant funds are available to support this research. See Grants and Fellowships for more funding information.

Criteria for Research 
Students meet regularly with their faculty mentor and discipline specific reference librarian.

The project must reflect serious undergraduate research, meriting the equivalent of .5 Honors course credit (two semester hours). The project should take approximately 4.5 hours per week/67.5 hours per term. This is using the formula often given for regular courses of 3 hours/week in class and 6 hours/week outside of class x 16 weeks x .5 = 67.5 work hours.

Projects may vary from library-based to empirical-laboratory to field-based. However, all research projects will result in some type of written text; length will vary by discipline.

All projects must be presented to a public forum, such as a regional or national honors conference. Projects may be presented at discipline-specific conferences as well.

To receive the .5 Honors credit, a copy of the project MUST be filed with the Honors Program Director no later than the day grades are due for that term. If a copy of the project is not received by the Honors Program Director by then, no Honors credit will be awarded.

An exit assessment must be completed no later than two weeks after the project is submitted.

Swords Scholar funding may be available for projects. For additional information, please contact Dr. Mary Kay Mulvaney at marym@elmhurst.edu.

Getting Started
To begin, schedule an advising appointment with the Honors Program Assistant Director, Dr. Russell Ford. Complete an Honors Independent Research Form, obtaining all necessary signatures.

Then, register for Honors Independent Research (course number 495) in the home department of the faculty mentor.

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