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The Elmhurst College Honors Organization (ECHO) is a student-run group that plans and coordinates co-curricular activities for Honors Program students. ECHO’s activities include: 

  • Planning social and cultural activities 
  • Coordinating service opportunities 
  • Encouraging involvement and active membership in the Honors Program 
  • Fostering leadership opportunities

ECHO leadership is comprised of several committees chaired by elected individuals who sit on the ECHO Leadership Board, which is coordinated by the ECHO Executive Chair.

Service Committee
This committee hosts service opportunities through the Honors Program and works collaboratively with other service organizations on campus. It provides opportunities for community outreach throughout the Chicago area.

Programming Committee
This committee plans social and cultural events. Some events are formal, such as lectures and performances; others are less formal, such as trips downtown or small group dinners.

Retreat Committee
This committee helps plan the annual retreat for incoming Honors Program students at the beginning of each academic year. The retreat committee aims to encourage friendships and bonds among Honors Program students and Honors Program faculty and staff.

ECHO Peer Leader Committee
The ECHO Peer Leader Committee provides resources for incoming Honors Program students to help ease their transition to Elmhurst College and enhance participation in the Honors Program. Peer Leaders reach out to their incoming peers before they arrive on campus and make themselves available throughout the year to help with information, questions, or concerns. They will be present at many Honors Program and College events to encourage participation and engagement.

Lounge Committee
This committee is responsible for supplying the Honors Program Student Lounge with food and beverages, posting Honors Program announcements, pictures and decorations. They also schedule quiet times for studying during midterms and finals.

Chicago Events Committee
This committee is responsible for planning events and sending weekly updates of interesting happenings in the Chicagoland area, such as the Chicago Humanities Festival (held in November).

ECHO Executive Committee Chair
The Executive Chair is the president and main contact for all incoming communications to the organization. Executive Chair duties include managing ECHO finances, serving as liaison between the Honors Program and ECHO, organizing one chair meeting per month (excluding January), planning a team building and development activity for each chair meeting, and working with fellow chairs to compose ECHO updates for the Honors Program newsletter, Blue.

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