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Swords Scholar Grants
The Swords Scholar program provides grants to Elmhurst College Honors Program students in support of Honors Independent Research projects. Swords Scholar grants are funded by an anonymous donor in honor of Robert and Barbara Swords, who founded the Elmhurst College Honors Program in 1965. To apply for a grant, submit a formal Swords Scholar Grant Proposal (available online or from the Honors Director). Students also need to secure a faculty sponsor, complete an Honors Independent Research Project Form, and obtain final approval from the Honors Program director.

Students can also compete for other research funding under the Honors Program Summer Fellows and FYS Summer Fellows research programs.

Summer Fellows
The Honors Program Summer Fellows Program was established to increase undergraduate research. The program is restricted to students with junior or senior standing (for research taking place after their sophomore or junior years) undertaken with the supervision of a faculty mentor. Although “495” (Honors Independent Research) is a current course option in every department, the purpose of the Summer Fellows Program is to encourage independent student work over an extended period free of other obligations. This summer project is not credit-bearing. Collaborative projects will be considered, but a Fellows applicant must provide a detailed description of his/her individual product. For more information and applicant requirements, contact either Dr. Mary Kay Mulvaney, director, Honors Program or Dr. Russ Ford, assistant director, Honors Program.

The Honors Program FYS Summer Fellows Program was created to further enrich the First-Year Seminar Program by allowing students to extend the work of their First-Year Seminar section through independent research relative to the topic of their seminar under the mentorship of their faculty advisor. The projects are not credit-bearing and public dissemination of the research is strongly encouraged. Current Honors Program first year students who present a 3.50 or above cumulative GPA from Elmhurst College after their first term and earn a grade of “A” or "A-" in their First-Year Seminar class are eligible to apply.

For more information and applicant requirements for the Summer Fellows programs, contact either Dr. Mary Kay Mulvaney, director, Honors Program or Dr. Russ Ford, assistant director.

For assistance with nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships such as the Fulbright, Truman or Rhodes, contact Dr. Earl Thompson, fellowship coordinator.

If you’re looking for scholarships or grants to fund the bulk of your education, check Scholarship Sources on the College’s financial aid pages. Questions? Contact us.

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