On the Air

An Elmhurst internship led to a high-profile radio gig for Justin Roman.

Justin Roman, Class of 2000, holds one of the highest-profile jobs in Chicago radio: He’s one-half of the on-air duo of Stylz & Roman on B96, the top-40 dance station.

Justin first worked for B96 as an Elmhurst College intern. Later, he recorded a single, “Eyes Closed So Tight,” that became a number-one record at the station. So when the station needed a new on-air talent, the program director knew exactly where to turn.

“One day the program director, Todd Cavanah, called me up and said, ‘You know I always thought you’d be great on the radio. Let me get you in the studio and see how you sound,’” Justin recalls.

“The station wanted me to partner with Dougie Stylz, who was doing the weekend show,” says Justin. “Dougie and I have been good friends since we both interned at the station. We made a demo, and Todd said it was the best demo he’d heard in years. He offered us the night show on the spot.”

Stylz & Roman ruled the airwaves between the hours of 2 and 7 each day on B96 for 12 years.

Photograph by Nabil Elderkin

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