Global Vision

An internship at the World Trade Center Chicago opened up new worlds for Isabel Bauer.

It’s really no wonder Isabel Bauer has taken a keen interest in international affairs. As the Elmhurst graduate points out, the currents of world history have already helped shape her life. She was seven years old and living in East Germany with her family when the Berlin Wall fell, an event that she still sees as pivotal for her and her family. “I never would have had the opportunity to come to the United States and study otherwise,” she says.

At Elmhurst, Bauer completed a double major in international business and political science. She also completed an internship as a research associate at the World Trade Center Chicago, an association of companies interested in expanding international business opportunities.

“One of the most exciting things about the work at the World Trade Center Chicago was meeting personalities from all over the world,” says Isabel. “I found myself just chatting with the Australian ambassador, meeting delegations from Africa and consuls general from all over, and finding out that they are just regular people.”

Down the road, Isabel says she’d like to translate her internship experience into a career in international relations and law. “I’m interested in the ways developing countries can become part of global trade without losing their identities to Western nations,” she says. “I’d like to pursue a job in the United Nations and work on issues like that.”

And with a world-wise Elmhurst internship under her belt, Isabel’s sure to go far.

Photograph by Tom Lindfors

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