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Internship FAQs

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about Elmhurst College's internship program. For more information, please contact the Office of Career Education.

How many times can I get credit for an internship?
It depends; each individual academic department determines whether internship credit is repeatable.  To find out, contact your department.

Can I get additional credit if I stay at the same site?
Yes, however if are continuing your internship for more than one semester at the same internship site and would like to receive additional credit, your internship responsibilities must change in some way (work in a different department, on a different project, increase your responsibilities, etc.)  This must be approved by your faculty monitor or internship coordinator.

Am I required to sign up for credit in order to do an internship?
No, you can do an internship simply for the experience. 

Are internships paid or unpaid?
Many sites will pay an intern; however, it depends on the field.  Business, accounting, and information technologies are more likely to pay. The experience you will gain should be one of the most important considerations in choosing sites you are interested in and will have the greatest impact on your future.  Remember, in your future employer’s eyes, practical experience is priceless.

Can I receive credit and be paid for an internship?

When do I have to notify the Internship Coordinator that I am participating in a credited internship?

Fall term:                     July 1              
J-term:                        November 15
Spring term:                December 1
Summer term:              April 1

Do I need a resume when applying for an internship?
The application process to apply for an internship is the same as applying for a full time position. You must create a professional resume, cover letter, and other documents required by the internship site. View the “Writing an Effective Resume” and “Making Your Cover Letter Count” packets for assistance.

Will there be an interview process in order to get an internship?
Yes, you are competing with other students for the same internship; therefore, the company must use the interview process to select from the pool of candidates. For interviewing tips review the “Key’s to Interviewing Success”.

What if I do not hear anything from internship sites I’ve applied to?
Follow up is extremely important in the search for an internship.  After your resume has been sent, you should follow up via telephone, if possible, or e-mail to confirm receipt of your correspondence, express your interest in the position and inquire about when you should expect to receive a response.

Where do I pick up the Consent to Register form?
The forms are available at the Center for Professional Excellence, Goebel Hall-Records and Registration and with your Faculty Monitor.


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