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Learn how our program will prepare you to become an effective problem solver and lead in the field of I/O Psychology.

Well-trained professionals with expertise in industrial and organizational psychology are in high demand in metropolitan Chicago. By linking the science of psychology with the challenges of everyday work life, Elmhurst College’s graduate program in this field will prepare you to become an innovative and effective problem solver in the workplace. You’ll be ready to tackle such challenging problems as low morale, high turnover and poor productivity.

You’ll find that your course work is immediately relevant because it focuses on the knowledge and skills that practitioners consider most critical. In this program, you will design and implement organizational interventions, complete cutting-edge real world projects and develop critical thinking and communications skills.

This is a two-year, 12-course program (exclusive of an internship requirement). Using real-world case studies, you’ll evaluate issues ranging from worker conflict to employee evaluation and organizational development. You’ll gain crucial insights into how teams work – and sometimes fail to work. You’ll develop your capacity to think critically and communicate effectively. The Elmhurst College Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology program has been rated 5th amongst MA/MS programs in I/O Psychology, based on student ratings of quality.

Built on a cohort model, the program embraces the College’s belief that students play a significant role in one another’s learning, motivation, and success. Students who start in the Fall Term form a cohort that stays intact throughout the program. You will work closely with your cohort members in classroom and study projects, and you’ll help each other maintain a sense of progress and achievement. Because of the vital role the cohort plays in each student’s success, students are selected to complement one another in the learning process.

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