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Long Way Home
Elmhurst College brought four Japanese American students out of exile during World War II.
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  • Student Ambassadors

    Elmhurst tour guides master the art of walking backward as they show off the arboretum campus to future students.

  • Beautiful and High Tech

    Computer software brings new sophistication to the care and maintenance of the arboretum and its many species of trees.

  • The City Next Door

    Students turn the city into a bustling extension of their suburban campus.

  • Green Living

    West Hall, Elmhurst's state-of-the-art 'green' residence, was dedicated at Homecoming this year.

  • Good Sports

    At Elmhurst, the ideal of the student- athlete is alive and well and winning.

  • Yes, They Did

    Professor Russell Ford’s J-term class witnessed Obama’s historic inauguration.

  • Where in the World Will You Go?

    From Oxford to Austailia to Thailand, at Elmhurst you can go just about everywhere.

  • Hot Burb

    The City of Elmhurst ranks Number 1 in a Chicago Magazine survey of local suburbs. Here’s why.

  • Real Deal

    Graduate programs prepare professionals for a high level of service and achievement.

  • Picture This

    Prospect magazine explores Elmhurst's magnificent collection of Chicago Imagist and Abstractionist work dating from about 1950 to the present.

  • Deep Roots

    Ragnar Moen, the foster father of our campus arboretum, has proudly watched his prized trees grow.

  • A Good First Step

    A new Illinois law, backed by the College, will help undocumented students.

  • Smooth Transition

    First-generation college students face challenges, but at Elmhurst, they find the support they need.

  • Taking the Lead

    At the LeaderShape Institute, the emphasis is on connecting and brainstorming.

  • Smart Choice

    The Honors Program means plenty of study, intense dialog, and a true sense of community.

  • Midwinter Feast

    During January Term, the intellectual fare is varied and abundant, and the spirit of adventure rules.

  • Chapel at 50

    For a half century, Hammerschmidt has been a place of comfort and challenge.

  • Growing Green

    Elmhurst recreates native Illinois prairies amid new sustainable design projects.

  • Facing Evil

    The Holocaust Education Project speaks to the soul of the College, posing questions that defy answering.

  • Big Questions

    The new orientation program asks, 'What will you stand for?' And dares students to answer.

  • No Easy Answers

    Elmhurst is a college of the United Church of Christ. What does that mean in practice?

  • A 100-Year Tradition

    The signatures of students, faculty and staff on the walls of the Old Main clock tower will echo for years to come.

  • Poverty in DuPage

    In the College's affluent home county, one in six residents struggles to cover the most basic human needs.

  • A Good Start

    A pilot program represents an ambitious rethinking of the first-year experience.

  • Showtime!

    Staging a musical in a converted saw mill isn’t easy, but when the curtain goes up it’s all worth it.

  • What's the Story?

    American journalism is in dire straits, except on college campuses, where life is tweet.

  • Teacher’s Gift

    An Elmhurst professor for 39 years, George Thoma reflects on what he's learned!

  • Shaping the Soul

    Students say they’re looking for ultimate meaning in their lives. How Elmhurst helps them find it.

  • A Breed Apart

    Andrew Prinz was the kind of professor everyone wants to have in college.

  • Big Questions, Real Answers

    Read a profile of Dr. Ray from Prospect, our college magazine.

  • Swing Time

    Each February, our chapel is the home to one of the best college jazz festivals in the United States.

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