Student & Faculty Research

Student & Faculty Research

The Thrill of Discovery
Students and faculty make an impact in the classroom, the lab and the world.
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  • In Love with Science

    Venkatesh Gopal gives his physics students research challenges normally reserved for graduate students at big universities.

  • The New Cartographers

    GIS weaves technologies to record, display and analyze an array of geographical information.

  • Going Out with a Bang

    Professor John Pitman Weber caps four decades of teaching art with a stunning farewell mural project.

  • A Person of Action

    Meet Lauren Williams, who is spending her Fulbright year in Thailand teaching English and creating artwork to promote HIV prevention.

  • True Lies

    Some people believe they’re telling the truth when they’re not. William Hirstein asks why.

  • Faces of Sustenance

    Art major Danielle Dobies spent months at a food bank, interviewing clients, volunteers and staff and capturing their lives in portraits.

  • Brain Theatre

    Can acting classes improve cognitive ability? Helga and Tony Noice are finding out.

  • Showing Their Stuff

    The annual Research & Performance Showcase highlights students’ scholarly and creative work.

  • Wine Chemistry

    Professor Gene Losey brings a scientists’s curiosity to the study of the grape.

  • In the Lab

    Dr. Stacey Raimondi and her students are working to shut down the most aggressive kinds of cancer.

  • The Brain on Trial

    Philosophy professor Katrina Sifferd explores how deeper understanding of the brain can help settle questions of criminal guilt or innocence.

  • Math Evangelist

    Evans Afenya’s research uses math and statistics to better understand cancer.

  • Wake Up!

    Kathleen Sexton-Radek asks why Americans aren’t getting the sleep they need.

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