Master of Managerial Communication



Master of Managerial Communication

» What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn

The accelerated major in managerial communication enables you to become highly proficient in communication—oral, written, and technology-based—as it relates to corporate and organizational strategy. The curriculum acquaints you with both advanced theory and its practical applications in several academic disciplines, including business, communication arts and sciences, economics, and English.

This major is ideal for supervisors, managers, and executives—both current and aspiring—in a wide range of professional fields. It enables you to develop the interpersonal skills and attain the insights into group dynamics that are essential to success in today’s team-based marketplace.

Alumni excel as directors of corporate communication and community relations, as managers and supervisors in offices and industries, as labor-relations specialists, as employment recruiters and interviewers, and as communications consultants to corporations and organizations. In short, the major provides excellent preparation for a rich, useful, open-ended career.

In this program, you will:

  • Study the structure, patterns, and effects of communication in career contexts.
  • Explore the theory and practice of management.
  • Learn to interact creatively with individuals from diverse backgrounds in small-group and public settings.
  • Develop your capacity to make complex decisions, resolve conflicts, and analyze and solve problems.
  • Sharpen your skills at interviewing and evaluating job applicants.
  • Learn the art of “win-win” negotiations.
  • Enhance your ability to persuade, explain, listen, and lead. 

Elmhurst College is no longer accepting applications for the Managerial Communication program. Please see Organizational Leadership and Communication as an alternate option.


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