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Essential Functions for Clinical Practicum

The program in communication sciences and disorders at Elmhurst College adheres to the standards set by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Faculty have a responsibility for the welfare of clients tested, treated or otherwise affected by students enrolled in the communication sciences and disorders program. Thus, it is important that persons admitted, retained and graduated possess the intelligence, integrity, compassion, humanitarian concern, and physical and emotional capacity necessary to practice communication sciences and disorders.

In order to fulfill this responsibility, the program has established academic standards and minimum essential requirements to participate in the clinical program and graduate. When requested, the College will provide reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified students with properly documented disabilities who meet the minimum requirements. Admission and retention decisions are based not only on satisfactory prior and ongoing academic achievement but also on non-academic factors that ensure that the candidate can meet the essential functions of the clinical program required for graduation. 

Essential functions, as distinguished from academic standards, refer to those cognitive, physical and behavioral abilities that are necessary for satisfactory completion of all aspects of the curriculum, and the development of professional attributes required by the faculty of all students at graduation. 

Physical Abilities

  • Participate in professional responsibilities/activities for up to four-hour blocks of time with one or two breaks
  • Move independently to, from and in work setting
  • Provide for one’s own personal hygiene
  • Manipulate screening/diagnostic materials, including completion of screening evaluation protocols
  • Effectively implement necessary treatment/behavior plan appropriate for client, including use of materials/instrumentation and data collection
  • Provide a safe environment for others in responding quickly to emergency situations such as fire or choking, and in the application of universal precautions
  • Visually monitor client responses and materials
  • Make accurate judgments about linguistic and/or acoustic signals

Behavioral and Social Attributes

  • Maintain emotional and mental health required for use of intellectual abilities
  • Prompt completion of responsibilities and development of appropriate relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Maintenance of composure and emotional stability in demanding situations
  • Adapt to changing environments and situations
  • Communicate effectively using appropriate pragmatic skills with people in person, by phone, and in written form by considering the communication needs and cultural values of the listener
  • Understand and respect authority
  • Maintain appropriate professional behavior
  • Participate in collaboration with other professionals
  • Speak English intelligibly, including the ability to model English phonemes
  • Comply with administrative, legal and regulatory policies

Cognitive Abilities

  • Demonstrate the mental capacity to learn and assimilate professional information, including the ability to comprehend professional literature and reports
  • Solve clinical problems through critical analysis
  • Seek relevant case information, synthesize, and apply concepts and information from various sources and disciplines
  • Generate discipline-specific documents and clinical report in English
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