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The Elmhurst MBA featured in Forbes Magazine

The Elmhurst MBA

In a recent story in Forbes, students and faculty talk about the real-world focus of the Elmhurst MBA.

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As a professional navigating your way through the challenging and complex business world, you understand the premium that’s placed on graduate education in business—on attaining the advanced skills and knowledge that come only with an MBA. Most programs improve your expertise in accounting, marketing, management and finance. The Elmhurst MBA also will equip you with the analytical and implementation skills that will make you a more confident and valuable decision maker.

The MBA program rests on an exceptionally strong foundation: the extensive record of tradition and innovation at the College’s Department of Business. Among our talented faculty, you’ll meet experts who advise Fortune 500 companies, the authors of important texts in business and economics and researchers who develop fresh approaches in labor relations, information management, human resources and many other fields. You’ll also learn from business leaders in the field who share their experience as presenters and guest lecturers.

Students may complete the program online through the Elmhurst College Online Center or on campus through the cohort model. Either way, you'll complete the program in just under two years of part-time work.

The first year is built on a cohort (team-focused) model. The second year affords to the opportunity to specialize in an area of business. Areas of specialization, developed in cooperation with other graduate programs, are: Accounting, Accounting/Information Systems (AIS), Management Information Systems (MIS), Management of People, Finance, Marketing Research, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and General Management.

Students who begin the program in the Fall Term form a cohort that stays intact throughout the first year of the program. You’ll work closely with your cohort in classroom and study projects, and you’ll help each other maintain a sense of progress and achievement. Because of the vital role the cohort plays in each student’s success, you are selected to complement one another in the learning process.

You’ll earn your degree on an evening schedule that works for you. You’ll develop a strong professional network of talented colleagues and exceptional faculty. And you’ll prepare to take on a leadership role in your profession.

Through a new partnership, Elmhurst also offers a JD/MBA dual-degree program in collaboration with The John Marshall Law School for students who seek degrees in both law and business.

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