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Deicke Center for Nursing to Welcome a New Addition

Elmhurst College is pleased to announce that it’s expecting.

A gift of $50,000 from longtime Elmhurst resident and Elmhurst College alumna Marilyn Graber will allow the College to buy a "simulated baby," or SimBaby, a state-of-the-art training tool that will be used by students in the College's Deicke Center for Nursing.

SimBaby is a life-size, robotic model of an infant that can be programmed to exhibit a variety of symptoms and conditions. Nursing students will use the SimBaby to recognize and treat these conditions, engaging in training that is difficult, if not impossible, when working with real infants.

“We’re delighted,” said Janice Strom, Director of the Deicke Center for Nursing. “The SimBaby will provide our students with the opportunity to practice in a simulated environment, which will enable them to think better on their feet with real patients. It benefits our students, and that will benefit patients.”  

The SimBaby will join “Alan T. Jones,” the nursing department’s adult patient simulator (called SimMan, though it has dual-gender capability), which the College purchased last year.

“Together, SimBaby and SimMan bring state-of-the-art training technology to our campus and clearly establish Elmhurst College’s place as the leader in nursing preparation in the Chicago area,” said Elmhurst College President S. Alan Ray.

Marilyn Graber said she decided to make the donation because of her longtime admiration for the College, and for more personal reasons.

“I love the College, and my interest is in helping it to become the best small college in my area,” said Graber, who raised four children in Elmhurst and returned to Elmhurst College later in her life to study business after she realized, once her children were grown, that she would be the only member of the family without a college degree.

She added, “I have had four healthy babies, and I thank God for that.” The SimBaby, and the way it will improve the educational experience of Elmhurst’s nursing students, she said, “will help to keep more babies healthy.”

When the SimBaby arrives, sometime in the next few months, it will receive a more cuddly name. Graber has asked, in accordance with a custom in the family of calling their babies “Boo,” that the SimBaby unit be called “Baby Boo.” 

For more information on Elmhurst College's Deicke Center for Nursing, click here.

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