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Social Justice Internships

The Niebuhr Center for Faith and Action sponsors six social justice internships each academic school year. Each intern receives a $1,000 stipend for the school year, and may also earn grants for travel expenses related to field work.

Each of the six social justice internships has a specific focus.

  • The Rosa Parks Internship focuses on research and education about social justice issues in the United States
  • The Mahatma Gandhi Internship focuses on international justice issues.
  • The Thurgood Marshall Internship supports collaboration with the Elmhurst College chapter of the NAACP on a current issue.
  • The Jane Addams Internship supports research on domestic and international social justice topics ranging from social inequalities in the inner city to issues in the developing world.
  • The Information Technology and Ethics Internship supports computer science majors who work with the College’s Office of Information Technology Office and research ethical and justice issues that pertain to technology.
  • The Holocaust and Peace Studies Internship focuses on issues that pertain to Holocaust Studies, genocide in our world and peace studies.

How an Internship Works
After choosing a social justice topic of interest, interns spend Fall Term researching their topic and writing a 20- to 25-page research paper. Research may include travel for field work during January Term or spring break. In recent years, Niebuhr Center interns have traveled to places like Native American reservations, Thailand and the Philippines.

During Spring Term, interns are responsible for bringing speakers to campus, planning events and devising strategies for the Elmhurst community to address the social justice issue the intern has researched. At the end of the semester, interns present their research at a campus-wide symposium.

How to Apply
Please note that you must be a participant in the Niebuhr Center to be eligible for a social justice internship.

To apply, submit a five-page paper to the assistant director of the Niebuhr Center by May 15. The paper should include:

  • Your biographical information, major and academic interests
  • The Niebuhr Center gateway course you have taken
  • The social justice issue you would like to research
  • Some ideas about how the Elmhurst College community can address this issue

Questions? Contact us.

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