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Requirements for the Major

The requirements for the nursing major consist of nursing sequence, prerequisite, and required support courses.

Nursing Sequence
Prerequisite Courses
Required Support Courses
Elective Courses

Nursing Sequence
The nursing sequence consists of 12 required NRS course units that incorporate didactic and/or clinical practice:

NRS 300 Health Assessment
NRS 303 Conceptual Basis of Professional Nursing Practice
NRS 308 Foundations for Professional Nursing Practice
NRS 309 Adult Health Nursing I
NRS 315 Adult Health Nursing II
NRS 316 Family Health Nursing I
NRS 403 Leadership and Management in Healthcare Organizations
NRS 405 Informatics in Healthcare Systems
NRS 408 Mental Health Nursing
NRS 409 Family Health Nursing II
NRS 410 Research and Evidenced-Based Practice in Professional Nursing
NRS 411 Synthesis: Professional Nursing Practice in Complex Systems
NRS 412 Synthesis: Community and Public Health Nursing
NRS 414 Synthesis: Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice
Two course units in mathematics


Prerequisite Courses
ENG 105 Composition I
ENG 106 Composition II
BIO 107 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 108 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 221 Microbiology for Health Professionals
CHM 101 General Chemistry
CHM 103 Elementary Organic and Biochemistry
PSY 210 Introduction to Psychological Science
PSY 315 Lifespan Development
College-level mathematics course


Required Support Courses
BIO 449 Pathophysiology (must be taken concurrently with NRS 308 and 309)
PSY 327 Abnormal Psychology (must be taken prior to NRS 408)
MTH 345 Elementary Statistics
MTH 346 Statistics for Scientists
PSY 355 Statistics for Scientific Research (does not count as one of the two required units in mathematics)


Elective Courses   
A variety of elective courses are available to meet the needs and interests of nursing majors. Nursing majors are encouraged to elect courses in other divisions of the College or to complete a second major or minor in a related or complementary field.


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