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Master in Professional Accountancy

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Course Offerings

One unit of credit equals four semester hours. 

All of the following courses offered are offered in the evening.

ACC 560 Accounting Theory 
.75 credit
Accounting theory and policy making are studied. Topics covered include measurement, economics of financial reporting, setting of accounting objectives and standards, including international accounting standards, and the usefulness and credibility of accounting information. Research projects in the class are oriented toward the dynamics of accounting standards. The impact of accounting on policy making in business is covered. Fall Term.

ACC 562 Advanced Income Taxation 
.75 credit
A study of the advanced legal and accounting aspects of the federal income tax on incomes for corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts. The course includes the study of tax theory and research-oriented toward resolution of tax problems and audit procedures. Preparation of tax returns for business entities using current tax forms is included. Spring Term.

ACC 563 Governmental, Nonprofit, and Partnership Accounting 
.75 credit
A study of the special accounting principles and problems for partnerships, fiduciaries, government, and nonprofit organizations. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of a comprehensive financial report from a governmental entity. Fall Term.

ACC 564 Consolidations 
.75 credit
A study of accounting principles pertaining to equity investments with emphasis on consolidation principles and procedures. Accounting for foreign currency transactions and translation of foreign currency financial statements. Spring Term.

ACC 565 Information Systems for Management Decisions 
.75 credit
The course focuses on the use of information systems in accounting and management decision making. Use of database management systems, business telecommunications, and networking is included. Prerequisite: BUS 366 or equivalent or consent of instructor. Fall Term.

ACC 566 Auditing 
.75 credit
Auditing theories and procedures for use in public accounting. Emphasis is on generally accepted auditing standards, planning an audit, internal control, evidence, professional ethics, legal liability, and reporting. The pedagogical style will have a team orientation. Cases will be used to integrate knowledge from prior courses. Fall Term.

ACC 571 Internship 
.75 credit
The purpose of an internship is to provide “real world” experience stressing how textbook knowledge is applied. Students will be required to write a paper detailing their experiences and how the knowledge acquired in the classroom was applied. Fall Term, Spring Term.

ACC 572 Independent Study
.75 credit
Students pursue specialized topics in accounting under supervision of a faculty member. In addition, a comprehensive CPA exam review is offered as an independent study. Fall Term, Spring Term.

BUS 550 Cultural Diversity in Organizations 
.75 credit
This course examines the nature and role of culture and diversity in the workplace, ways to manage diversity in the workplace, the implications of diversity for business operations, and understanding of differences in light of the globalization of the world’s economy. January Term, Summer Term.

PHL 567 Ethics and Business 
.75 credit
A study of ethical theory as applied to individual and corporate behavior in business as it functions in a complex society. Summer Term.

Elmhurst College reserves the right to modify courses, schedules and program format without advance notice to students.

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