Master in Professional Accountancy


The master in professional accountancy program at Elmhurst College requires the successful completion of 10 courses, which include a core of six required courses and four elective courses for a total of 7.5 credits (30 semester hours). For more information on the specific courses, see Course Offerings.

Courses cover a range of technical accounting skills and issues, as well as other aspects of business. If you completed any of the program's six core courses as an undergraduate, you may substitute them with electives (with the approval of the program director). To ensure that you can apply what you learn right away, we offer internships every term.

Required Courses
ACC 560 Accounting Theory
ACC 562 Advanced Income Taxation
ACC 563 Governmental, Nonprofit, and Partnership Accounting
ACC 564 Consolidations
ACC 565 Information Systems for Management Decisions
ACC 566 Auditing

Elective Courses
In addition to the above six required courses, students must complete four elective courses. Any four courses from any of the following specializations can be taken. Please note that certain courses will have required prerequisites. All elective courses will require the approval of the program director.

CPA Preparation
ACC 502 (MBA 502) Analytical Tools for Management Decisions
ACC 545 (MBA 545) Financial Statements
ACC 567 (PHL 567) Ethics and Business
ACC 572 Independent Study–CPA Review

ACC 502 (MBA 502) Analytical Tools for Management Decisions
ACC 570 Seminar in Accounting and Information Systems
ACC 571 Internship
ACC 572 Independent Study

Information Systems
ACC 502 (MBA 502) Analytical Tools for Management Decisions
ACC 523 (IS 423) Data Base Management Systems
ACC 524 (IS 424) Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
ACC 525 (IS 425) Management Information Systems

ACC 541 (BUS 441) Corporate Finance
ACC 542 (BUS 442) Investment Theory and Portfolio Management
ACC 544 (BUS 444) Financial Institutions
ACC 545 (MBA 545) Financial Statements

ACC 510 (ECO 410) Money and Banking
ACC 514 (ECO 314) International Economics
ACC 516 (ECO 316) Comparative Economic Systems
ACC 576 (BUS 376) International Finance and Accounting

ACC 510 (ECO 410) Money and Banking
ACC 512 (ECO 412) Public Finance
ACC 514 (ECO 414) Microeconomics
ACC 516 (ECO 416) Macroeconomics

ACC 550 (BUS 550) Managing Diversity
ACC 552 (BUS 454) Leadership
ACC 553 (BUS 453) Organizational Behavior
ACC 554 (BUS 354) Human Resource Management
ACC 555 (BUS 355) Negotiations: Theory and Practice

Program Format
The master in professional accountancy is a part-time program that can be completed in two years. With classes offered on-campus in the evening, the program is designed to accommodate your busy schedule.

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