» Why Study Philosophy?

Why Study Philosophy?

Whether you plan a philosophy major or just want to dabble in the field, there are plenty of reasons to study life’s big questions. Here’s what studying philosophy can offer you:

  • Great preparation for almost any career. The skills you develop in studying philosophy are valuable in education, computers, law, psychology, theology, and in philosophy itself. More…  
  • An alternative world view. Philosophy can help you look beyond the world views offered by science and by religious, political, or economic orientations, and develop your own way of looking at the world. 
  • The ability to think critically. You’ll develop your own opinions rather than be somebody’s puppet. You will be a better consumer of the media.
  • The ability to speak for yourself—and defend your ideas in public with cogent, clear reasons. 
  • An improved ability to write. You will learn to use words more carefully and precisely. You’ll learn to get to the heart of issues more quickly and discard irrelevant material. 
  • A workout for your brain. Approaching a philosophical problem takes you to the very limits of your ability to think. Just as physical exercise is good for your body, thinking about philosophical problems is good for your brain.
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