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Elmhurst’s distinguished philosophy faculty members are first and foremost dedicated teachers, but their valuable scholarly experience enriches classroom discussions as well. What’s more, our program draws on the experience and knowledge of a dedicated group of well-qualified and experienced adjunct faculty.

Want to know more? See our faculty profiles, below. Or, contact a professor directly.

Full-time Faculty

Katrina Sifferd
Associate Professor and Chair
Ph.D. King’s College, London
Dr. Sifferd holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of London, King’s College, and is an Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy and Director of the Pre-Law Program at Elmhurst College. After finishing her Ph.D., she held a post-doctoral position as Rockefeller Fellow in Law and Public Policy and Visiting Professor at Dartmouth College. Before becoming a philosopher, Dr. Sifferd earned a Juris Doctorate and worked as a senior research analyst on criminal justice projects for the US National Institute of Justice.

Dr. Sifferd is the author of numerous articles and book chapters on responsibility, criminal law, reductionism and punishment, including “Unconscious Mens Rea: Responsibility for lapses and minimally conscious states” in Law and Neuroscience: Philosophical Foundations, Oxford University Press (D. Patterson and Pardo, M., Eds.); “Chemical Castration and other Direct Brain Interventions as Rehabilitative Treatment” in Neuro-Interventions and the Law (N. Vincent Ed.); “Virtue Ethics and Criminal Punishment,” in From Personality to Virtue, Oxford University Press (Weber and Masala, Eds.); “What does it mean to be a mechanism? Morse, Non-Reductivism, and Mental Causation,” Criminal Law & Philosophy 1-17 (2014); “On the Criminal Culpability of Successful versus Unsuccessful Psychopaths” (with William Hirstein), Neuroethics 6: 129-140 (2013); and “In Defense of the Use of Folk Psychology in Criminal Law,” Law & Philosophy 25: 571-612 (2006). She is currently writing a book titled The Responsible Brain with Bill Hirstein and Ty Fagan.

Russell Ford
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Ford specializes in continental philosophy, applied ethics, and aesthetics. His research is currently divided into two projects, one that focuses on the ethical consequences of modeling business as a game, and another that investigates the historical development of philosophical accounts of the imagination.  He is the author of several recent essays and articles, and has also translated Pierre Klossowski's Such a Deathly Desire, forthcoming from SUNY Press.  In addition to working at Elmhurst, Dr. Ford is also the Vice-President of Ford Personnel, Inc., a Denver-based legal staffing agency.

William Hirstein
Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Dr. Hirstein’s research interests include autism, confabulation, consciousness, and misidentification disorders. In his work, he applies the findings emerging from today’s neurosciences, especially cognitive neuropsychology, to classical philosophical problems. Dr. Hirstein is the author of several books, including Brain Fiction: Self-Deception and the Riddle of Confabulation, published in 2005.


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